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[ Folding applications ]Active Tray Free Download is a system tray application that enables you to create cascading menus for shortcuts to practically anything, including system configuration windows like Control Panel sections (color management, date and time etc.), Internet browsers, FTP and email clients, application shortcuts for the most frequently used files and folders, shortcuts to frequently used programs, or folders for general use.
[ New toolbar ]The app can add a toolbar to the existing tray area, displaying shortcuts or configuration tabs for system settings and specific Windows areas. It can include shortcuts to tools (e.g. custom folders, or folder auto-completion) and folders for specific purposes. It provides a customisable and customizable interface and is very easy to use.
[ App structures ]Each hotkey can organize its shortcuts into virtual or hierarchical groups. This can be configured in the same way you create cascading menus in the tray area itself: the icons may be organized via a simple window, in which all the shortcuts to a specific group are displayed in tree view. Shortcuts may be split by separators and new groups and items can be created, deleted, re-arranged or simply removed. The app allows you to add shortcut icons to the tray and to link shortcuts to specific folders in any way you want.
[ Tray icons ]You can apply different looks to the system tray icons in a number of different ways: select the icon from a gallery of pictures you can choose from; select from three different icon shapes in a new button at the end of the process; place any image or any text on the tray icon; or find an image on your hard disk, to use as a picture in the tray.
[ Tray layouts ]Using Active Tray Download With Full Crack, you can quickly access any folder or program via a cascading menu. You can set up custom desktop layouts, with pre-filled menus, that can be shared with others via the Share menu. Simply place them on the desktop, and they will appear in the applications tray area automatically.
[ Tray area ]The tray area can be expanded or reduced at will, so you can easily view all of your folders and programs, with no extra hassle.
[ Internal tray automation ]You can use simple hotkeys to execute any action on your computer, without having to leave the app. For example, you can control volume or shutdown the computer using keyboard shortcuts. You can activate common applications such as email or browser, or simply find shortcuts for programs you are using frequently.
[ Media tray ]Tray icons can

Active Tray Crack+ Download

– An advanced, full-featured tray application.
– An integrated key-board shortcut utility that enables you to run Windows applications and folders with a single click.
– A system tray organizer that facilitates easy organization, placement and management of icons.
– Create cascading menus and organize the icons in the system tray the way you want.
– If you need to access system settings, use the integrated windows control panel.
– Make shortcut windows to any application/folder/URL.
– Add new text labels and icons to your tray shortcuts.
– Move icons to any area of your tray.
– This is a freeware application. No ads, no spyware, no toolbars.

Full access to all your iDevices on your PC, Mac, Mobile or in an online format.
Links with Apple and Google.
Downloads a free 30 day evaluation version.
If you find a bug, have a feature idea or have a nice constructive criticism, please email me at:
For more info:

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Active Tray Crack + Patch With Serial Key [32|64bit] (Latest)

Designed exclusively for Microsoft Windows, Active Tray enables you to take advantage of the real potential of the system tray area, turning it into a program launcher and a shortcut manager, so as to provide one-click access to frequently used folders and files.
Build cascading menus and organize your tray icons
Its main goal is to help you enhance productivity and workflow by using hotkeys to run applications, Windows programs and folders. It assists you in building cascading menus that host shortcuts to practically anything, from documents and folders to Internet URLs and simple tasks such as controlling the volume or shutting down the PC.
One neat feature of Active Tray is that it enables you to organize all the icons in the system tray exactly the way you want to. New menus and groups can be created to categorize similar items and their icons can be split by separators. Icons can be deleted, renamed, hidden or moved to another area using drag and drop.
Create tray shortcuts for any program, folder or configuration window
Working with Active Tray is easy, thanks to its intuitive looks. Items that are included in the tray menus can be configured via a simple window, where all the shortcuts are displayed in tree view for easier navigation.
Aside from custom shortcuts to local files and folders, the menus created by Active Tray can also include system settings and specific Windows configuration windows, such as Control Panel sections (color management, date and time, Internet options etc.). This way, you can gain instant access to any Windows area.
Exploit the capabilities of the system tray
Providing various customization possibilities to change the looks of the system tray icons, Active Tray is a versatile and efficient tool suitable for any user. Used wisely, it can significantly improve productivity, while keeping the working area uncluttered.


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I don’t have a high expectation, so if you would find anything not working, please mail me

Note: This is NOT an official release from Microsoft, and it’s highly unlikely you have an official version from them! But it seems to be quite popular and I would like to offer it to you. I have tested it extensively in my PC, but please make sure you are performing a clean installation when installing.User login

What’s New in the Active Tray?

It’s a simple, visual tray organizer. You can place shortcuts to files and folders, programs, Windows Settings and much more. The tray icons are displayed on a clean background, which you can change for a different appearance, while the rest is up to you.
Installation and Setup:
Active Tray is a tray that you can configure to display your favorite shortcuts. Simply go to the tray organizer window and just drag-drop icons to the tray. You can organize your icons however you like, so that you can get them back and easily find the shortcuts you want.
The program uses a simple interface to help you get the most of your system tray.
That’s all there is to it. I think you’ll find this tray to be a very good alternative to the standard Windows tray.
Now, the pros… I can’t get over the “tray-positioning” part! Never have I used a tray (probably that means I’ve never tried an OS other than Windows) that this important.
Finally, the cons are the camera. Very slow. As well as some areas that are still in need of improvement. But it is all very minor…

Active Tray is a simple tray launcher that has a number of features that allow you to use the vast array of shortcuts that you might be accustomed to seeing on your desktop. For example, you can add shortcuts to documents, PDFs, folders, pictures, Web links, system settings, and more. The program’s developers, Ion Digital, claim that you can implement some very simple to use but extremely useful features, such as grouping related shortcuts or adding them to a “quick access” menu so that you can launch them in one click.
With over 400 customizable menu templates to choose from, you will be sure to find one that works for you. You can customize the layout, style, and even the icon used for the quick access menu, all via the simple main window. This is a great way to customize your tray to match your needs while not having to be tied down to any one theme.
Active Tray Tips:

You can add and remove tray icons at any time.

You can add a shortcut to your Quick Access menu by dragging it from the desktop onto the tray, or by choosing “Add to Quick Access Menu” from the main window.

You can also drag and drop any shortcut onto the tray, which will give you an option to add it to a different folder.

You can resize or add

System Requirements For Active Tray:

– Windows 10 (64 bit) or later.
– Broadcom Video Decoder 3.0.4
– Broadcom Video Encoder 3.0.4
– x264-svp
– OpenCVP
– Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable
– OS Video Codec Support
– Nvidia Optimus Video Decoding Support
– Intel HD Graphics Driver
– Intel HD Graphics SDK
– Intel HD Graphics SDK for Linux
– Intel Broadwell GT2 Processor Graphics Controller Display


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