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Locking a folder down might not be an operation that every Windows user had done or heard about, but it's incontestably useful, at least for individuals who share their or transfer data through not-so-secure mediums. obviously, to be able to secure directories, you'll need a dedicated software app, as online services for this type of job are not really abundant. Any Folder Password Lock is an intuitive tool that will not only help with locking folders but with hiding and disguising them as well.
How to encrypt a directory?
Locking a folder is easy as pie. Just select the one you need to encrypt, choose a password, and decide if you want to hide it or keep it visible. That hiding part can be done from the dropdown menu that comes with the password panel.
Once locked, the folder's icon will be changed to the one Any Folder Password Lock sports. This is how you tell when a directory was successfully locked. Of course, this icon aspect doesn't apply to hidden folders.
Lock and disguise
The disguising feature strongly resembles the locking one, but with a slightly different touch. As it's probably obvious, disguising a folder means that its default icon will be changed. For now, you can disguise your folders as Recycle Bin, Printer, Network Dialing, or Network Neighborhood icons. Furthermore, disguising will also require you to set up a password, so even if the directory is camouflaged, it will still be protected.
AS a small mention, the History button will take you to a panel where every directory you've locked/unlocked will be there, neatly listed, with date, status, and all. So if you are curious about the number of encrypted directories, switch to this panel.
Any Folder Password Lock looks like an excellent way to encrypt your files, hide or disguise them as other applications. The overall operation is far from being a challenge, as you can lock directories with just a couple of clicks and keystrokes.


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Any Folder Password Lock Crack Torrent [Win/Mac] [Latest 2022]

Any Folder Password Lock Crack For Windows aims to help you lock your folders in a very easy way. The interface is incredibly simple, as you just need to set up a password and add a folder, and you can start using the app.
You can unlock your folders again, add more passwords, and lock more folders.
Any Folder Password Lock Cracked Version offers a simple, easy-to-use mechanism for encrypting and unlocking folders, which means that even if you don’t have a lot of experience with this type of job, you will be able to secure your files in a matter of minutes.
Lock and disguise your folders or hide them in other apps.

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Any Folder Password Lock Keygen Free

Any Folder Password Lock Download With Full Crack will disguise all the folders you need.
No need to download or install anything, it’s a simple and straight-forward
Enter a password for each folder you are protecting.
Use the settings menu to configure what icons you want to lock to.
Hide your passwords with the drop down menu.
Intuitive interface will help you do all the things in just a couple of clicks.
Protect your folders from being opened with Lock Files.
Turn off access to secured folders in seconds.
Easy to change your passwords without any complications.

During 2016 I posted quite a few reviews. Since a fair number of apps contain reviews and previews, those that don’t have them, are a bit down. Of course, that doesn’t mean I haven’t reviewed them, quite the contrary. As of January 2017, I have reviewed over 250 apps, and installed close to 400 of them. And I decided it’s about time that I post a Top 10 Review list.

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The digital sphere is constantly evolving, so it’s no wonder that we have so many great gaming apps in 2017. There’s a vast number of them. But what makes

Any Folder Password Lock For Windows

Unlocks and locks your folders to protect their contents from any
unauthorized access.
The application boasts its simplicity, as it only requires a couple of
clicks to lock your folders, while you can unlock them as easily.
Furthermore, you can add passwords, hide them, and disguise
folders/files for added security.
The application resembles an ordinary Windows Explorer toolbar, so even
the system’s Start menu will display it.
Any Folder Password Lock is tightly designed to protect your
computer’s files. It’s impregnable from any attempts to snoop or hack
them. However, any folder unlocked with the software will still be
available to every, even your system itself.
If you are interested in locking folders and hiding them, Any
Folder Password Lock is the perfect app for you. Furthermore, you
also can use it to disguise your files/folders to get an overview of
what’s stored on your computer.
The application requires Windows Vista or above.

Anyone think this app is great enough to be updated to Windows 10?


Any Folder Password Lock

Surely this is not a new product. You can find at least three old products with the same name:

Any Folder Password Free, freeware, Win 7 and above.
Any Folder Lock, commercial, Win 7 and above.
Any Folder Password, freeware, Win 8 and above.


I’ve just found another program for that. It is freeware and claims to be able to cover “all types” of folders. This might help, maybe not.
FolderSec also says that it “protects all kinds of folders, including those in WIN 10”, so I think it might be what you are looking for. Unfortunately, it is written for users of Windows 7 and does not claim to work with Win 10.

Desktop utility that locks all the documents, photos and files in your
home folder except “I don’t want to show”.
FolderSec lets you lock your folders, you can also choose if you want to
to show your locked folders or not. You can specify the folder(s) in
which you want to lock your files and folders.
FolderSec is a useful, simple and intuitive tool to hide and lock your
files and folders.

100% configurable

What’s New in the Any Folder Password Lock?

Developed by AddictiveStudio, this app allows you to lock folders in your PC for a variety of reasons. You can lock folders to keep a file secure, to hide them, or to get rid of the clutter and keep only the important folders on your desktop.

A free tool to manage the files in your mobile devices. A great tool to make backups and synchronize mobile devices. Soft4Media File Manager is a simple and intuitive tool to manage your files from the palm of your hands.

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This document describes the procedure to encrypt the contents of the My Music folder on a Windows 95 workstation.

Before mounting the FAT Volume, you must connect the hard disk that holds the My Music folder to the computer (as described under Encrypt Files, Folders, and Registry Keys). You can mount the hard disk as a removable disk, or you can leave the disk in the drive.

NOTE: If you are prompted to mount the Volume, do so. It is not necessary to unmount the volume before the encryption process. You can unmount the volume and then reload the partition table.

Select a Partition
To mount the My Music partition, you must select a partition to mount. To verify that your USB device has the My Music partition loaded, open My Computer. You will see a diskette icon under the My Computer icon. If the USB device doesn’t have the My Music partition loaded, a message will pop up, stating that your USB device needs to be formatted.

You can format the USB device in DOS, without any problems. You must format the drive as FAT16. You can format the My Music partition without problems.

NOTE: If you have more than one partition on your drive, you can follow the steps in Partitioning.

Select the Drive
To access the My Music partition, you must select the drive that contains the drive letter for the My Music volume. To determine the drive letter for the My Music volume, open the My Computer icon and click the View tab. The volume is identified by the letter F (for floppy) next to My Music. The drive letter for the My Music partition is either \USB-Hard Disk\

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