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Using multiple PC’s, whether at home or at work, is no longer such a rarity. However, a setup like this brings with it certain challenges, such as controlling multiple systems with one set of peripherals and transferring audio between them.
Audio Over LAN, as you can probably tell, will help you with the latter. It is designed to send uncompressed audio from a sound device to another PC on the network, without too much latency.
Two command-line programs on separate PCs
First off, let’s go through how the applications work. There are two of them in the archive, one for the streaming PC and one for the receiver. They’re both portable, so just copy each of them to the right PC to get started.
Next, you’ll need to open the streaming program and select the device that should have its audio sent over the network. All available input source will be listed, so just type the right value and press Enter.
Lastly, open the receiver program and insert the IP address of the streaming computer. If it’s correct, a connection to the server should now be established.
Easy to work with, despite the command-line interface
While the UI may not look all that novice-friendly, the applications are actually quite intuitive. After you have configured them initially, the receiver’s IP address, along with the selected input device, will be stored in a configuration file and used automatically.
Since these utilities are portable, they are also very simple to deploy. If you’re looking for a way to transfer audio across a network, and you don’t have a lot of time to waste on configurations, it should work just fine.
While clearly not the most advanced software of its kind, Audio Over LAN is a great choice for users who just want to send audio across a local network without too much fuss. It’s lightweight and portable, and it does the job.


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Multi-channel local digital audio routing and streaming

Support multiple output devices for each computer

Play audio over the network

Manage and monitor connected output devices

Stream audio to the network

Send audio to other computers on the local network

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Sort vos setupvos is a freeware application that allows you to route and stream audio over your local network. It supports multiple output devices for each computer.
Simple to use, and very fast
One of the most important things about Sort vos Setup vos is that it is very easy to use.
Setting it up is just a matter of selecting the output device that should play audio, which is configured automatically.
The program can be configured to automatically initiate streaming from input devices. If you select the preferred input device, it will automatically start streaming once you start playing music on that device.
Basically, you just need to set it up, and the results are immediately shown on the other device.
It’s that simple. No setup necessary.
Stability is generally good, although some issues do occur from time to time
Even though Sort vos Setup vos is a very lightweight application, there were a few issues with it from time to time. The performance was generally very good, and there were no issues with streaming over the network.
In addition, while sometimes there was a slight delay in the audio when playing from USB speakers, it was generally very minor.
However, it may be that using Windows Vista or Windows 10 could have an impact on the stability. When it didn’t work properly, it would not always give you any information, simply leaving you with a frozen device on screen.

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Audio Over LAN

A utility designed for sending uncompressed audio over a network. It supports streaming audio and can record it to a file for playback later.
Audio Over LAN FAQ:
Q: What hardware are supported?
A: Any sound device that can send audio over a network, like a microphone, can be used as an input source.
Q: Can it handle multiple streams?
A: The streaming program can have multiple input sources, but the receiver can only receive a single one at a time. The two programs work in tandem for this reason.
Q: Does it offer any other functionality?
A: Audio Over LAN can record and playback music.
Q: Does it support network streaming?
A: Yes, it can stream audio from a selected sound device to another PC on the same network.
Q: Does it work with Windows XP?
A: The utility was tested with Windows 7 and Windows 10.
Q: Can it handle audio?
A: The applications don’t depend on any proprietary protocol for sending audio, so any audio source can be used.

Network Audio Streaming using Windows NT/2000/XP
Network Audio Streaming over the network for Windows NT/2000/XP is supported using a process called audio routing. Both sending and receiving audio over the network is done through the use of a sound card, a sound source or a sound device. For example, the sound card has a built in microphone which can be used to record audio and send it over the network.

Here is a screen shot of the application that will be used for the demonstration in this article. There are several options that can be used to configure the application. For the purpose of this demonstration, the following options will be used:
Video settings (optional)
Network Audio (optional)
Input (audio source)
Output (audio source)
When you run the application, you will notice that it opens a log file. This is so that you can see the application logs. There is a small log window on the left side of the application when it is open and the log window is auto sized to the size of the main window.

You can control the audio in the main window which can be opened from a double click on the main window or by pressing the “Play” button. If you press the “Stop” button, the application will stop recording the audio and the audio will be saved in a file. When you click the “Play” button

What’s New in the Audio Over LAN?

Transfer uncompressed audio between multiple PCs with this audio-over-lan software
The streaming program supports sending audio from the PC that runs it to another.
Remotely control and record all audio input from an external sound device
The receiver program does the same.
Works just fine with no configuration or setup needed
Audio Over LAN Portable software package
#Input #Enabled #Input #Device #Streaming PC IP #Remote PC IP

#Streaming PC IP #Remote PC IP
The streaming program supports sending audio from the PC that runs it to another.
Remotely control and record all audio input from an external sound device
The receiver program does the same.
Works just fine with no configuration or setup needed
Audio Over LAN Portable software package
#Input #Enabled #Input #Device #Streaming PC IP #Remote PC IP
#Streaming PC IP #Remote PC IP
The streaming program supports sending audio from the PC that runs it to another.
Remotely control and record all audio input from an external sound device
The receiver program does the same.
Works just fine with no configuration or setup needed
Audio Over LAN Portable software package
#Input #Enabled #Input #Device #Streaming PC IP #Remote PC IP

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Audio Over LAN Portable software package is copyrighted by Pedro Amorim, all rights reserved.

A copy of Audio Over LAN Portable software package may be made only if the original is damaged or destroyed without replacement.

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System Requirements For Audio Over LAN:

Minimum System Requirements:
Maximum System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
Processor: 2.66 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: HD 7870 or AMD R9 290 / NVIDIA GTX 780
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Download/Play Now
Running has been a long-


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