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Developed in the mid-1980s, Adobe Photoshop was intended to be an improved version of the MacPaint program first released in 1979. Although MacPaint is available for Windows, Photoshop eventually evolved into a full-blown graphic design application. It was initially offered for the Apple Macintosh platform but was later also ported to Windows.

Photoshop is very popular in the graphic design community, with professional photographers, artists, and illustrators who create digital artwork as its primary users. The application was first released for Macintosh in October 1987. Adobe Photoshop has been available as a desktop application, as well as a web application and a mobile app.

Photoshop is also an Adobe Creative Suite (ACS) product, meaning that it is bundled with Adobe InDesign and other products that are part of the Adobe Creative Suite. Other members of the suite include Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Acrobat.

(IT) Infrastructure

Adobe InDesign is a fully featured page layout application, initially intended as a replacement for Microsoft Publisher, the widely used page layout and document production software from the early 1990s. InDesign was first released in June 1998.

Adobe InDesign is used by graphic designers, web designers, advertising agencies, and magazines. It is particularly useful for layout and design, proofreading, and publishing work.

InDesign was initially available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and the then-popular BeOS operating system, and later ported to Linux, a feature supported by later versions of InDesign for Mac. Adobe InDesign is also available as a mobile app.

Adobe PageMaker is a desktop page layout application first released in 1997. Originally intended to be a replacement for Adobe PageUp, PageMaker was derived from a program called Paperspace. Pages are created by dragging and dropping objects, and a number of templates are available.

Adobe PageMaker is mainly used by hobbyist and small-business owners who want to create a number of books or brochures. It is also used by educators, who teach students how to create pages.

Adobe InCopy is a desktop page layout application released in 2002. It was originally designed to replace Adobe PageMaker, but since then it has largely been developed in parallel with it.

Adobe InCopy is used mainly by people who want to create a number of books or brochures. It is also used by editors who work with print publications, which allows them to create page layouts in the desktop

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MSCAD (Microsoft CAD)

MSCAD (Microsoft CAD) is Microsoft’s application for CAD drafting software. MSCAD is a Microsoft Windows application developed and maintained by Microsoft. MS-CAD is designed as a companion to AutoCAD; that is, it supports the same features, but with different icons and interfaces. MSCAD also contains a file format converter that can convert AutoCAD files to MSCAD. A license is required to use the software, at the rate of US$595.25 per year for single user, and US$2690.25 per user per year for multi-user.


MSCADX is Microsoft’s multilingual edition of MSCAD. MSCADX is published by Microsoft Press, and is compatible with Windows Vista/Windows 7 and any edition of Office 2003 or later. Unlike MSCAD, the user does not need to pay any license to use MSCADX, which is available for free as part of the Office Professional Plus or Office Ultimate editions of Microsoft Office.

Notable Products


AutoCAD LT (originally Autodesk LT) was introduced in 1991 and was designed for schools, colleges, and smaller organizations, offering simplified features for smaller drafting needs. It was the first AutoCAD-based product sold without a supporting license, as it used copy protection to prevent unauthorized duplication. The license was sold at the time of purchase, typically US$500 for a single user and US$1500 for a multi-user license.

AutoCAD LT, originally known as AutoCAD LT for Windows, was a Windows-only product, but was released as a Mac OS X version in 2000 as Autodesk LT for OS X, with the main feature being the ability to open and edit a file created in AutoCAD LT for Windows.

AutoCAD LT 2.0 introduced several innovations to the product, including 2D drawing and annotation capabilities, merged file imports, simultaneous editing, the ability to reverse engineer a CAD model, and more.

AutoCAD LT 2.5 introduced additional user-friendly enhancements, including custom command buttons for common tasks, the ability to select a sheet of paper while drawing a sheet, and the ability to import and export SVG files.

AutoCAD LT 2.5 also included several additions to the built-in libraries and included some specialized features, such as direct

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What’s New in the?

Excel in AutoCAD:

Use Excel files as models and insert, edit and modify them in AutoCAD like any other model. Make your Excel templates faster and more efficient. (video: 1:15 min.)

More User-Friendly Tools:

“User-Friendly” Tools make work easier and quicker for everyone. Select the right tool for the job. (video: 1:15 min.)

The Web App:

Bring your online projects into AutoCAD with the Web App. Design on the Web and run on your local PC. (video: 1:15 min.)

Anaconda 1.4 for Architectural Design:

Create a prototype, then turn it into a finished, optimized building model, whether on paper or in a 3D environment. Use the laser to accurately and precisely draw your project. (video: 1:15 min.)

AutoCAD Meet® 3D Digitize and Reverse Engineering:

Capture 3D models of real-world structures or objects in their exact dimensions. Convert your 3D model into multiple 2D CAD drawings, such as structural layouts, floor plans, and sectional views. Or take a digital photograph of a physical structure and convert it into a 3D model. (video: 1:15 min.)

Live Linking:

Automatically link related drawings and models to form a single database. A live link allows you to work with the related model from any part of your design. (video: 1:15 min.)

Text Wrapping:

Make text easier to read on screen and on paper, for example, by wrapping the text. (video: 1:15 min.)

Text Wrapping:

Make text easier to read on screen and on paper, for example, by wrapping the text. (video: 1:15 min.)

Family Sharing for AutoCAD:

Work together and share your projects with anyone in your family, from the same computer or from different locations on the network. It’s as easy as selecting a shared folder and you can share any CAD file. (video: 1:15 min.)

The New Context Dialog:

Quickly access information you need for your drawing. Change properties or edit views. Select and group information in a dialog box. Drag options into the dialog and then apply them to your drawing.

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