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Elements of the AutoCAD interface include: a plotting and drawing area, a data-entry screen, a detailed drawing area and a visual editing area. The AutoCAD user interface is divided into two areas, which are called windows, each of which can display a different view of the drawing.

You can open two windows at once to compare the two drawing areas. To select an object, click on the object to select it. You can zoom in or out of a drawing area by using the zoom tool. If you want to view an area of the drawing in a greater detail, select it and then press Ctrl+0 to zoom in. You can zoom out by pressing Ctrl+9.

To edit existing data, click on the data bar to open the data-entry screen. Data can be entered into fields that appear on the screen. You can change the type of data, edit existing data and insert new data by clicking on the desired icons on the toolbar.

You can place a new drawing, or open an existing drawing, by selecting Draw from the main menu.

You can place, resize, move, rotate, align, mirror and orient, add to database, flip, and auto-trace geometry by clicking on the corresponding icons.

You can select more than one object by using the ‘Select Objects’ button on the toolbar. You can also use a mouse to move, resize and rotate selected objects. When you start typing in the Command field of a command, AutoCAD automatically suggests objects that you may be interested in.

After you click on a command, you can review the command’s help screen by clicking on Help from the drop-down menu of the Command field.

Some commands include a drop-down menu of options.

You can save a drawing in a drawing format by clicking on Save from the main menu.

You can save your drawing as a new or existing drawing by clicking on the desired format

AutoCAD 2023 24.2

AutoCAD Physics in combination with MotionBuilder allows a drafter to create a set of building materials, where the drafter can set a layout of a building that may be moved by physics.

Recursive line

Autocad has support for “recursive lines”, allowing the user to select an area of the drawing and have it recursively fill in the path (see example below).

To enable this function to work, the object needs to be added to the “Boundary Select” task pane. The user has the option to select between two options. The first one is “Allow endpoints to be selected” to accept the selection of non-straight edges, as in the example below. The other option is “Allow line and points to be selected”. This option is what is needed to create recursively lines (shown in red above).

It should be noted that the.Net Framework allows the creation of recursive lines. The functionality can be found in the System.Windows.Controls.Geometry.RecursiveLineGeometry class.


CAD provides the following elements for use in creating objects and shapes:

Closed shape
Modeling Grid
Text Label
Triangulated shape

Shape operations
CAD allows drawing and editing of shapes. The most common operations are shown below:

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What’s New In?

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Create a virtual studio with free 5-day trial AutoCAD subscription. This includes AutoCAD 2D, 3D, and CorelDraw graphics software, along with the AutoCAD mobile app, and free technical support.

AutoCAD 2D

2023 improves 2D workflows and offers more dynamic capabilities. You can now use 2D table and chart views to see and manage your data. (video: 4:35 min.)

Multi-Curve 2D Drafting:

Draft the path of a surface or 3D solid body, then insert and place it on a 2D grid or line. (video: 4:11 min.)

Sketch 3D Lines:

Create and place 2D drawing lines for a 3D sketch. (video: 2:53 min.)

Drafting Grid for Paper and Paper Shape Grids:

Draft on paper with a 5mm grid. Or work with 3D paper shapes on your project or sheet of paper. (video: 4:15 min.)

New Adobe Illustrator CS4 Plug-in:

Create a floating, editable layer in your drawing. Then add text, arrows, and hatch lines. (video: 1:35 min.)

Path Variation for Curve Tool:

More control to express the variation of curves and lines. A new Path Variation tool makes it easy to change, adjust, and correct a path. (video: 4:53 min.)

Motion Paths in Object:

More precise control to move and modify a path with the Object snap point. (video: 3:51 min.)

Customizable Paragraph Spacing:

Organize your text based on paragraph spacing. Create new pages, print and export paragraphs as text, adjust spacing, and reduce large page numbers. (video: 4:08 min.)

Flowcharting in Microsoft Visio 2013

Better collaboration with Visio 2013, with new online groups, and new smart tags. (video: 5:03 min.)

Automatic Chart Placement:

Place and resize pie, bar, and column charts on a graph page. (video: 5:04 min.)

More Powerful Interchart Commands:

Add, remove, and move chart components, and more. (video: 4:54 min.)

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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