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AWETOY is the SB32/AWE32 user’s best friend, second only to a software sequencer in its functionality. But perhaps its most important function is that it can behave as a filter that connects your midi keyboard to your software sequencer.
Use a virtual midi driver such as midimux or mrouter. Then tie the output of your midi keyboard to the input of AWETOY, and the output of AWETOY to the one of the inputs on your sequencer. The functionality of AWETOY is described by the “tab”, but before we go to the tab functions, let’s discuss the controls. AWETOY, like any good instrument, provides many interactive controls in the form of dials, sliders and push-button arrows.
You might be thinking: that’s nice, but mouse controlled sliders are no match for analog sliders. Think again. The default slider increment or decrement (performed by left mouse-clicking (LMC) to either the right or left of the slider bar) can be set to other than the default value of one.
By using ALT-LMC, CTRL-LMC, SHIFT-LMC, you can set the delta value to a preset that you store in AWETOY.INI. The defaults are 2,5 and 12. This makes the sliders very customizable. Now, onto the tabs.









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The AWETOY Tab contains a brief overview of the functioning of AWETOY. To activate this menu, click the green button that represents the tab.
AWETOY Inputs:
AWETOY allows you to connect your Keyboard to it’s inputs. You must have a midi keyboard that has at least 2 inputs.
AWETOY Outputs:
AWETOY can act as a midi filter to your Software Sequencer. This means that you connect AWETOY outputs to a software sequencer’s input. Use AWETOY’s Outputs appropriately, but it doesn’t matter how you connect your keyboard. AWETOY will filter out the keyboard’s internal midi data as well as any data that you have been using the midi keyboard’s inputs to produce.
Please note that your Sequencer’s input must be a standard midi output. You may need to perform some level adjustments to your midi output’s pitch bend, however AWETOY will not attempt to filter any of the keyboard’s midi data.
This functionality can be applied if you have multiple midi keyboards connected to your sequencer. One keyboard is dedicated to the AWETOY outputs, while the other is for your midi keyboard.
AWETOY Filter:
AWETOY is a midi filter. When AWETOY is set to “AWE Filter” mode, it passes all incoming midi data through. It is quite effective. This is the way AWETOY was originally used, but is not very controllable with any other button. When AWETOY is set to “AWE Sequencer” mode, AWETOY sends its own midi data to the sequencer’s inputs. AWETOY’s midi data can be set to repeat, loop, or looped. This functionality can be applied if you have multiple midi keyboards connected to your sequencer. One keyboard is dedicated to the AWETOY outputs, while the other is for your midi keyboard.
AWETOY Midi Channel:
AWETOY can select its own midi data to be send to the software sequencer. You can set the number of midi channels AWETOY will send at once. The default is 8 midi channels.
AWETOY can set the maximum amount of time that midi data can remain on it’s input. By default, this is set to 4096 ticks. 16384 is probably enough for most people.

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Each tab controls one part of the functionality of AWETOY. The first tab, AWETOY-ONLY, provides a synth, including string, percussion, and chord instruments. If you are actually building an instrument, this is the tab to make sure all of the functionality is working. The second tab, DIRECT-AUG, provides a real-time MIDI device controller, so the first two tabs are the most relevant to the AWE32 owner.
AWETOY is a wonderful, powerful device. It makes a lot of simple things complicated, but in return for those problems, we have a powerful, programmable synthesizer.
AWETOY is a partial clone of the JAM-SYNTH V1. The original is a great tool, but if you are willing to give some time to learning how it works, AWETOY is a tremendous value.
AWETOY is the product of many years of development. I have written most of the code for AWETOY and created several other MIDI instruments in the past 25 years. This instrument has been tested on Windows XP (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1) and Windows 10, all using Virtual Machine and VirtualBox. It will work on Mac or Linux, but it doesn’t have any documentation for any platform.
* Old Section:
This is a full scaled synthesizer and MIDI channel controller.
See below for AWETOY-ONLY Controls
6th GENERATOR 1 – 1.25V peak
6th GENERATOR 2 – +5mV Peak
6th GENERATOR 3 – -5mV Peak
6th GENERATOR 4 – -8mV Peak
6th GENERATOR 5 – +15mV Peak
6th GENERATOR 6 – +20mV Peak
6th GENERATOR 7 – 15pF
6th GENERATOR 8 – 100nF
6th GENERATOR 9 – 270pF
6th GENERATOR 10 – 1000nF
6th GENERATOR 11 – -270pF
6th GENERATOR 12 – 15pF
6th GENERATOR 13 – 100nF
6th GENERATOR 14 – 250nF
6th GENERATOR 15 – 1000nF
6th GENERATOR 16 – 15pF
6th GENERATOR 17 – 100nF

What’s New In?

The Summary tab shows a brief description of the process that AWETOY is performing. It is purely a tool for you to know at a glance, and a safety measure, so that you don’t inadvertently catch your midi input out of synch.
The Parameters tab is where you can change many of the settings that AWETOY has (within reason), which really can’t be done in your sequencer. First, you should select the parameters (ADC or DAC) in your AWETOY setup. Second, you should select your AM, PM, or ZR button (based on the setup) to set the range of your parameter. If you only have one parameter, just press the button to set the range. If you have more than one parameter, then you must cycle through them and select the one you want to affect. You can also enable the “lock” option, which locks the value that the parameter is set to. You can un-lock the value (which disables this check) by pressing ALT-RMC.
The AWETOY tab is where you set the pitch and speed of AWETOY, turn AWETOY on or off, and where you choose the type of note to sound. The type of note is based on the note you click on in the AWETOY note selector. If you don’t have the note selector, you can still click in the midi note you want to set. Depending on the type of note you choose, you will hear a different note, a different melody, and/or a different MIDI-to-AWETOY tempo. The default type of note is major, but you can choose any one of the more than 100 note types.
The Midi Note Selector is where you select the midi note that AWETOY will play. For every row you click on, you will hear a different note in AWETOY. That note is then repeated until you click on a row in the middle or on the last row in the note selector. The default is to play the “fundamental” note of the note that you choose.
The Note Selector is where you select the type of instrument you want AWETOY to play (see below). You can hear a few seconds of each instrument by pressing the button for the instrument you want to hear. To see the type of instrument, hold down the note selector and look at the note head.
The Preset tab:
The Preset tab is where you store

System Requirements For AWEToy:

Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, or Intel Core i7
Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge
Etrian Odyssey III: Legends of the Titan (download here)
Copy and paste the following into notepad:
NOTE: This game will be updated with new rulesets and content on June 10, 2016.
Tiger & Lion:
3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
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