Checklan Admin Basic Pro Crack For PC

Checklan Admin Basic Pro is a professional application designed to simplify the inventory of all your computers.
You can inventory Operating Systems, Softwares BIOS, memory, all disks, enumerate local users and groups on each server or workstation, machine configuration. the ideal tool for administrators at the lower cost.









Checklan Admin Basic Pro Crack Download 2022 [New]

Allows you to manage the computer inventory of all your workstations including the real time inventory.
You can evaluate individual elements: operating systems, applications, and BIOSes.
It supports from 16 to 64 systems.
Checklan Admin Basic Pro Torrent Download Basic Features:
– Real time inventory of the elements of a computer.
– Manage computers and users related to their identification.
– You can define a unique description (ID) to each computer or workstation.
– You can also define a unique description (ID) to each application, user, groups and more.
– Easy to use
– Support from 16 to 64 systems
– Hardware (PCI, SATA, PATA, Ethernet, Modems etc.)
– Support for Windows 2000 and newer
– Support for Windows NT and older
– Support for Linux Server and Client
– Support for Windows Server 2003 and later
– Support for Ubuntu Server 16.04 and later
– Support for Debian 8.10 or later
– Support for RedHat 8.2 or later
– Support for SUSE 10 or later
– Support for Fedora 9 or later
– Support for CentOS 5 or later
– Support for SGI IRIX 7.3 or later
– Support for Solaris 8 or later
– Support for FreeBSD 6 or later
– Support for Mac OS X 10.4 or later
– Support for Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
– Support for Mac OS X 10.3.8 or later
– Support for OpenBSD 5.x or later
– Support for BSD 6.x or later
– Support for IRIX 6.x or later
– Support for Amigas and Irix 6.x or later
– Support for Sun-Solaris 11 or later
– Support for HP/UX 11 or later
– Support for AIX 3.2 or later
– Support for HP-UX 10.0 or later
– Support for UnixWare 5.0 or later
– Support for Ultrix 5.x or later
– Support for AIX 4.3 or later
– Support for SCO OpenServer V7 or later
– Support for SCO OpenServer 6.x or later
– Support for 32-bit SMP (multi-core)
– Support for 64-bit SMP (multi-core)
– Support for PCI (Plug & Play)
– Support for USB
– Support for SCSI (SCSI

Checklan Admin Basic Pro Full Version

– This is the only “Full version” application is to automate the inventory of computers.
– The software uses advanced algorithms to create a file as OST file with all the information for every computer and its hard disk.
– Can import all information from the company file Excel.
– Tool allows to identify all updates in Windows (not only Windows 7) through the use of Windows Update tool.
– Using program can install and uninstall OS, BIOS and firmware on each computer.
– The status of every computer on the network is stored in the database Checklan.
– The computer is connected to it in a few clicks.
– Using the application saves a computer is connected to it and after a restart, to open the computer in the inventory application.
– The inventory of operating systems, memory, hard disks of clients allows you to create a detailed report.
– Also the software allows to configure, including installation, other programs with a computer.
– Provides a full statistical analysis of computers.
– Automatic detection of computers in the network and the installation of updates, Windows and firmware and hard drive disks and memory.
– The network also includes the possibility to connect to the Internet so that you can perform remote inventory.
– Also the software allows to create a backup configuration, inventory or configuration files with a computer.
The following features and uses is the computer installation and configuration:
– The installation of Windows is verified through the use of the Windows Update tool;
– The BIOS and Firmware downloaded and installed;
– The installation of the OS, including an anti-virus and firewall;
– The configuration of the operating system and BIOS;
– The configuration, system and hard drive;
– The creation of a backup configuration;
– The import of the inventory files;
– The configuration of the internet;
– The import of the inventory files;
– The creation of the inventory, including the backup configuration;
– The inventory of the configuration files;
– The import of the configuration files;
– The import of the inventory, including the backup configuration.
Top Features:
– Only “Full Version” application has all features of the software installation.
– The application uses Advanced Algorithms to create a file as OST file with all the information for every computer and its hard disk;
– Can import all information from the company file Excel;
– Tool allows to identify all updates in Windows (not only Windows 7) through the use of Windows Update

Checklan Admin Basic Pro Free For PC [April-2022]

* Works under Windows 2000,XP,2003, Vista, 7
* Easy to use with a simple and intuitive interface.
* Manage multiple computers in a few seconds.
* Enumerate local machines with scanners.
* Search for different computer objects with tags.
* View their operating systems.
* View local usernames and groups.
* Configuration of missing services or printers.
* List and manage the running processes.
* Enumerate portable devices.
* Configure portable devices with specific software.
* Cleaner memory and disk.
* Easy to use, simple, intuitive interface.
The program has a convenient and friendly user interface with tools that can help you in every aspect of Windows management.
This is a great program for all those who need a simple, fast, complete and free inventory.

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What’s New in the?

Inventory and Configuration Management
Inventory and inventory all your computers running windows, linux, unix and so on.
Get the list of installed Softwares, i.e. Java, Silverlight, Flash…
You can decide and you can import all existing computer.
You can export and dump all databases with their data, or you can export a single file with all data, you specify and we will export it in the required format.
Inventory all disks and their values, you can add your own disks values or import them from a xml file or a folder.
Inventory network parameters, enumerate all installed and operational modems, ips, ip addresses and subnets.
The easiest way to configure DNS and DHCP for your computers.
Perform instant computer Configuration, the scan data are immediately displayed.
Recover Windows Password and reset any Windows Password.
Elements :
Windows password backup and recovery
Domain Name Service (DNS)
DNS client and server
DHCP client and server
Discover active and passive users
Chkdsk and repair system
Server Windows XP or Windows server 2008
Reset Windows password
Restore Windows password from file
Reset Windows password by hash
Windows Password Recovery without harddrive
Security (Antivirus) &Tools
Antivirus tool
Backup tool
File backup tool
Remote scanner tool
Network scanner tool
Communication (Messaging)
Messaging tool
Instant messaging
Online Tools
Blog tool
Calendar tool
Contact list
Clipboard (clipboard history)
Application program
Email client
Email server
Google calender
Google maps
Google hangouts
Google message
Live chat
Live videochat
Online mapping
Microsoft Office
Password and Encryption
Digital rights
Public access
Security firewall
SMS gateway
Social networking
Sql server
Tax calculator
Time picker
MS Outlook
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Mail
Virtual computer
Web mail client
Web mail server
Remote Tools
Remote desktop
Remote session
Remote desktop connection manager
Remote connect
Remote connect
Remote connect
Remote connect
Remote connect

System Requirements For Checklan Admin Basic Pro:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Processor: Intel Dual Core 1.8GHz or faster
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
Gamepad: Microsoft Sidewinder X94
Internet connection
Apple Pc: (Mac OS 10.9.5+ compatible)
IOS: 10+ compatible
Playstation4: MoveMogherini: North Macedonia Should Prepare for EU Membership Soon
Vienna, 19 October (AKI) –


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