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– Civil Profiler Activation Code is an add-on and AutoCAD. Civil Profiler is new program
that helps to work with profiles in AutoCAD. It also has an application,
custom made for building managers. It calculates quantity of materials
involved in profiles and for each profile calculates quantity of the selected
material. You can get free version of Civil Profiler. Get Civil Profiler on
official site
In this video we will see how to use Civil Profiler. To get Civil Profiler, go to
and download Civil Profiler.
Learn Civil Profiler in this video:
– To see table of materials
– To print of Civil profile
– To export Civil profile to excel
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Civil Profiler Crack Serial Key (Final 2022)

Civil Profiler is an AutoCAD add-on, which can be used by architects and civil engineers. The program brings additional features in AutoCAD.
You can use this software to perform quantities calculations when managing road profiles.
Here are some key features of “Civil Profiler”:
– The formation of arbitrary lists of materials (arbitrary names, hatch colors and hatch patterns), which are used in the project. For various projects, it is possible to form a different list of materials. The list can be saved in the file, and subsequently can be re-load and edit as needed.
– The concept of work is choosed so that all the material in the profiles be hatched and as such should remain in mind evidence works. Hatching is done automatically by clicking within the contours of arbitrary closed area in the profile. Automatically recognize the borders closed area and contour is hatching with selected material. Defined materials in the profile is possible to delete or add new ones.
– Each material is connected to the associated layer. These layers are automatically generating when choosing material, and they should not be used for other purposes in autocad.
– For each individual profile is handled two types of tables. One uses the software of the formation of the complete report, because in it are contained data on the profile (profile name and his station), while the other serves to show quantity in the profile at ploting.
– For comfortable work with the program there are two options of drawing. One is shown with all the layers of materials, while the other showing only the active layer, during the picking closed contours.
– The program can automatically find and pick off the identical surface hatch, as well as hatch that are generated with null area (internal error AutoCAD).
– The edges that are not connected due to drawing errors can be ignored defining gap tolerance. The edges that are not connected and distance between points is smaller than the one the user defined will be considered to have been connected.
– Has enabled quick review in mind of graphics calculated materials in all the profiles. This way is easier to spot possible errors within a profile.
– The program calculates sumary quantities of materials for all profiles and exports in the excel file. Thus obtained a list of just a few steps can adjust the form suitable for printing in arbitrary measure.
– Civil Profiler is an AutoCAD add-on, which can be used by architects and civil engineers. The program brings additional features in AutoCAD

Civil Profiler Crack+ [Mac/Win]

Civil Profiler is a tool for automatically generate contours of road profiles. The program based on one of the latest AutoCAD features, named the Contour System.
Civil Profiler based work by introducing the concept of work. Rather than automatically pick a closed area that has been hatching, is its purpose to manually to choose closed area when they are selected contour hatch and to the right work is no longer required.
Civil Profiler is basically works with two types of tables: one of the profile (group) and the other of the profile (contour). Each material group is automatically associated with layer, which allows you to track with the profile without the need to add additional layers. On the other hand, each contour contains information of the profile in terms of quantity, while for the pick of the contour will be the number of materials that have been hatching with its close area.
Civil Profiler provide two options of drawings to print.
With the first option, viewing all the layers and of the materials group and Contours, Civil Profiler automatically import data into your project. The second option is to view just the activity in the profile area.
Civil Profiler can automatically recognize unmatched work and comes with three options to delete it.
Civil Profiler can automatically automatically find and hatching with null area (internal error AutoCAD) and hatch surfaces. You can also set the tolerance distance between the points in the profile.
Civil Profiler exports statistical material data from all the profiles in a well organized file in a tabular form.
Program Availability:
Windows 98 and higher are required. Civil Profiler is designed for the AutoCAD and is based on the Windows OS.
You must be registered and approved to download this program.
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System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.4 or later (10.5 is recommended), 64-bit processor with SSE2 support
OpenGL 2.0+ support
NVIDIA (RIVA) Proprietary or ATI (Radeon) Proprietary video card
2GB of available system memory
15GB of hard disk space
Xbox 360 Controller – the game is fully playable using a game pad
The Xbox 360 Controller can be used in the game, but some of the controls are missing (plus the pause button on the game pad doesn’t


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