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Distroyr represents a free stereo distortion VST effect that features a range of different algorithms that effect and generally distort the incoming audio. Depending on the settings you can have analog sounding warmth to your sound to very heavy clipped and crushed sounds.









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It processes the stereo input signal, distorts it, as well as boost the effects as needed.
It’s very easy to use, just select the sound input, the amount of distortion, and select the output if needed.
Based on Free Audio Tools BassTrek VST Effects.

Make sure to read the manual if you’re going to be using this effect on an audio track and your not familiar with that VST host, as well as the use of Wwise.
Here is a tutorial on how to install and use this VST effect in a Wwise project, also, this effect is to be used with the BassTrek Wwise plugin.


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KEYMACRO is a cross-platform standalone synthesizer for the Mac. It is a 64 bit plug-in that uses the Darwin sound system to perform all functions. However, the key features of the software are the 32 voice ring modulation engine, the 32 voice sequencer, and the 32 bit floating point processing capabilities.

Silva Sound System
The Silva Sound System VST (Silva SSS VST) is an emulation of the Sony Design Center System and is available for Windows and Mac. The software was developed by Lucas Mariano.


Sequencer and Loops
Sequencer Loops is a software synthesizer and music sequencer for Windows. Sequencer Loops is available as a free download or an online subscription. The main features of Sequencer Loops include:
Free Download: the full version of Sequencer Loops. This version features the full synthesizer capabilities of Sequencer Loops. It comes with the 32- and 64-voice multi-layered sequencer, a drum sequencer, MIDI mapping, LFO, and built-in effects and presets.
Online Subscription: a subscription-based service that offers access to the online version of Sequencer Loops, with a variety of additional features. This version contains the 32- and 64-voice multi-layered sequencer, drum sequencer, MIDI mapping, and an additional sequencer called Tectu!

Sequencer Loops was selected as the best free software music sequencer of 2007.

Tectu! is a sequencer designed to create drums. Tectu! has a high-quality drum library that includes various acoustic drum kits and electronic drum kits. The software also includes multiple drum sequencer modes, a sequencer for tuning notes, a drum editor and a choice of included drum kits.

Tekta is a software synthesizer, an instrument that simulates a MIDI keyboard. It is a 2 voice (8 note) monophonic synth that can produce numerous effects such as a ‘sliced’ version of its sound, a fast attack, and a slow decay. Tekta also has a dual LFO and comes with a standard, grand piano, electric piano, electric guitar, and flute sounds as well as an arpeggiator.

The samples in Tekta can be edited in a variety of ways, including velocity, polyphony, and color. It also has a collection of preset

Distroyr Free Download [Latest] 2022

Distroyr is a free Audio Effect VST plug-in by Groove Software that you can download and install. It includes a collection of digital distortion and sonic warping algorithms. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Program resources

Files in this VST plugin


Unzip the archives into the main folder of the VST plug-in. You must unzip the archive in the main folder of the VST plug-in as the program will not install properly if it is unzipped elsewhere on your hard drive.


If you install the plug-in without unzipping the archives, you will not be able to hear the plug-in’s effects.
If you get an error message during install, you must unzip the archives into the main folder of the VST plug-in.
If you get an error message during run, you must unzip the archives into the main folder of the VST plug-in.
If you get an error message during uninstall, you must unzip the archives into the main folder of the VST plug-in.

Supported OS and hardware

Unsupported OS and hardware

This VST plug-in is currently compatible with the following operating systems and hardware platforms:

Previous Releases

Here are the available previous version releases:

VST Plugin Reviews

Video Tutorials


Videos in the video section of the main page of the website are hosted on Vimeo and are displayed with the HTML5 video tag. If you experience issues in displaying some of the videos in the section, you can find more videos in the Groove Software Plugins section.

iTunes/App Store Links

You can install this VST plugin in your computer by downloading the iTunes/App Store version or any of the versions below:

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Distroyr VST – Free Stereo Distortion

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What others say

Well if you like old analogue like sounds and getting distorted then this is for you..

Well I also needed something with similar analogue distortion/warmth/crunch and I use Audioware with Hotwire TTS (beta) and it is the best headphone simulator for audio production. But if you don’t want to buy and

What’s New In Distroyr?

System Requirements For Distroyr:

OS: Windows XP SP3 (64-bit), Windows Vista SP2 (64-bit), Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)
Processor: 1.5 GHz AMD Athlon 64 or Intel Pentium Dual Core
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible GPU, 256 MB VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
Additional Notes: Internet access required for downloading
OS: Windows XP SP3 (64-bit


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