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The EZ Cat application was developed to be a disk cataloguer. You can catalogue the contents of all your CDRs, DVDs, Zip disks, floppies, hard drives, network drives, etc etc, and then browse and search through the contents of all the disks without having to insert any of them.
It is possible to search the database on file names, directory names, disk names or file comments. Contents of disks can be printed, as can search results. Disks can be organised into seperate catalogues.
File extension filters can be applied to stop some files being included in the catalogue. It is possible to run files straight out of EZ Cat by double clicking on them as you would do in Windows Explorer, after inserting the disk if necessary.







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Catalogues (or catalogs, if you are the kind of person who finds it easier to say it this way) are designed to hold all of your digital media. If you have a large amount of CDs, DVDs, Zip drives, floppies, hard drives, floppy disks, floppy disks, etc etc you will soon find yourself with a great big list of CDs or Floppies and a disk cataloguer which will only take up as much memory as you need to store it.
EZ Cat has been written to be an ideal cataloguer, capable of:
Creating catalogues of CDRs, DVD, Zip drives and floppy disks
Creating separate catalogues for each drive, each disk, and any directories contained on the disk
Sorting the disk files, folders or subdirectories alphabetically
Organising these catalogues into lists, sublists, subcatalogues and sublists of subcatalogues
Organising these lists into sections
Searching all of the files on the disk, the folders on the disk, the subfolders on the disk and even the files in the subfolders of the disk
Browsing through the contents of the disk
Printing out the contents of the disk
Formatting data (how old and how important it is)
Sharing catalogues and even compilations
Creating.vcd images
EZ Cat has been written for your use, the catalogue user. You can use it as a stand alone application, a cataloguer for PC’s only, a cataloguer for mainframes only or a cataloguer for any operating system that will support the UNIX file system.
The following features have been added, or are planned:
Support for all floppy disks
Support for all hard drives
Support for all network drives
Support for all removable media (i.e. all USB drives)
Support for ZIP/RAR and similar compression formats.
A manual
Support for additional media types.
Support for network directory browsing.
Support for Web-based access.
A better user interface.
On-line help and user documentation.
A help menu to walk you through how to use EZ Cat.
And many many more new features.
If you would like to discuss some of these features, or contribute some of your own, you can become a maintainer by registering on the EZ Cat site at:

You will be

EZ Cat

You can assign a keyboard shortcut key to this tool. This will allow you to access it quickly without having to click on the right mouse button first.
Also, if you set the Option key to Control, you can then bind a key to act as a right click.
Known Bugs and Errors:
The shortcut is not able to be set if the path to the CDR directory contains a special character, e.g. *%.
To fix this, go to the Preferences menu and click on the ‘Reset Window’ button at the bottom of the window.
It is possible that if you open the CDR or DVD directory whilst there are files in the directory, the cataloguing process will abort. To avoid this, close the dialog box as soon as the directory is opened.
The error can occur on some older models of EZ Cat or a different installation of EZ Cat on a newer model.
Batch files don’t work.
Exporting the CDR as a text file and searching for a certain word is also problematic, the computer seems to forget where the file was created and opens it up as a new file in a new folder.
Known Hardware/Software/Operating System Requirements:
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows NT 4.1, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1. You also need to be able to run a version of Winzip that supports Windows 95 through to Windows 7.
EZ Cat works with the following file extensions:.dvd,.cdr,.txt,.zip,.tar.gz,.gz,.xz,.iso,.mdf,.dmg.
The EZ Cat application was developed by a group of computer users.
Q: Do you guys take pay for this software?
A: No. There is no charge to use EZ Cat and it’s free to write your own add-ons, so that you can create your own features and a new, improved EZ Cat. If you like this software, you can show your support by writing your own add-ons.
Q: Does it work with Windows 8?
A: Yes. This is the first version of EZ Cat to work with Windows 8. If you want to see the app work with Windows 8, please go to the app and try it yourself. You can get there by clicking on the

EZ Cat

Display contents of the selected disks.
Directory/File information is shown for all catalogued files including file extensions.
Selected disk or directory can be displayed and files from this disk or directory can be shown in window.
Formatting of file names can be applied.
Filtering of results based on file contents or file extension is possible.
Display options can be changed.
Advanced search/sort options can be applied.
Files can be copied to other disks.
Extended search/sort options can be applied.
Report can be produced with many different types of data.
From File
Copy to new disk
To Folder
Additional sorting options

EZ Reader is a very easy to use cataloguer which supports directory and file cataloguing. It is also possible to search the catalogues on file name, file extension or the contents of the file. You can also search through a disk or folder which contains several disks. The file structure can be displayed in a tree list so that you can navigate easily through the file structure. There is a basic file search engine which can be upgraded to full index search.

EZ Zoom3D is a simple, easy to use 3D library viewer that allows you to interactively zoom into an image and see the 3D model represented by the image. You can rotate, pan, and zoom 3D models to view them in 3D at any angle.

EZ Print is a program designed to make it easy to print selected files, directories or even whole disks.
It allows you to choose which files are printed, if any, and what priority they have.
The output format can be changed.
It can be started up as a disk, zip drive or network drive, and can be used to print your entire work space.

EZ Clone is an application designed to make it easy to duplicate files, directories, or even whole disks.
EZ Clone is a very simple application which allows you to select from which disk you wish to make a copy of the files and optionally set the name of the copy.
It is possible to select all the files, or a subset of files, and optionally set the name of the copied files.

EZ Extract is a program designed to make it easy to extract files from a disk image.
It allows you to choose from which disk you wish to extract the files and optionally set the name of the extracted files.
It is possible to select all the files, or a subset of

What’s New in the?


EZ Cat is a large cataloguing application that allows users to create, delete, modify and search on their disk catalogues. The application can be run as a single catalogue or as several catalogues. If you have several catalogues, you can separate them into different disk drives, such as a catalogue for your CDs, one for your DVDs, and so on. You can also keep disks in different directories to organize them for you. You can then search through your disk catalogues and view the contents of your disks. If you want to know the contents of one particular disk, you can just select the disk and search. You can then browse the results to find the particular files you need. You can then print out the contents of the disk, as well as use the disk images to search for and view particular files.

Change List:


Version History:


Change List of EZ Cat 1.0


Minor Changes:


EZ Cat 1.0 (Initial Release)


Major Changes:


Version 1.0.2




Updated to fix build issues.




Update progress bar when searching for a folder.


Update progress bar when searching for a folder.


EZ Cat 1.0.1


Fixed error when deleting a disk that was open.


Minor changes.


Version 1.0.1




Changed extension of file types to *.




Added progress bar when deleting.




Fixed incorrect progress bar when removing files from a folder.






Added search tree.




Modified build so that it can be run in Linux as well.




Updated to use SD2K3 instead of SD2K2.


EZ Cat 1.0.0


First public release. This is version 1.0 of EZ Cat, a

System Requirements:

For Mac OS X users:
For Windows users:
For Linux users:
Tested with macOS Sierra, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04.
For the best experience, connect to the internet when testing. To test, download the latest version of the game from the Steam platform here.
Currently Unsupported:
Apple tvOS
Apple tv 4th Gen
Apple TV 5th Gen
Home Hub
Apple TV (Chromecast)
PlayStation Vue
PlayStation 3


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