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Keeping focused while working or when dwelling on a personal project has become an increasingly difficult task, mainly because of all the available distractions around us. There are numerous ways of “manually” aiding maintaining concentration, but in the digital worlds, a software solution is mandatory. Focus Journal was created for offering users an idea of partaking their time and managing a focused attitude, with as little distractions as possible.
Thematic interface that employs the classic “Tomato Timer” focusing technique
Attaining improved concentration can be a real challenge, and the app resorts to a mainly graphical demeanor, which is characterized by a central, animated timer. The app is entailing the “Pomodoro Technique”, which can be summed up by deploying “chunks” of focused, work times, alternated with shorter breaks.
The length of the focused and distracted (break times) can be adjusted manually, to suit users’ requirements.
Improve your focus and productivity by using the focused or distracted modes
Having set the length of the “Pomodoro” timer, when the elapsed time clears, users will be awarded green or red tomatoes, corresponding to focused and distracted times, respectively. This, “reward-based” approach is quite productive, as it motivates one to reach the next goal.
New tasks can be added with ease and managed afterward, this way enabling one to organize better or even divide chores into professional or personal ones. Once several tasks have elapsed, the application will yield productivity reports, based on daily, weekly or monthly data.
Alternative application for increasing users’ concentration through focusing techniques
If improving their focus and determination is what users require then this application is a good candidate for the task at hand. Its set of colorful features, aimed at dividing work time into “focused” and “distracted” periods can surely motivate maintaining a concentrated attitude and resulting high productivity.







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Focus Journal is a software-driven timer and timer app for Windows and Mac. Use it to maintain focus on your work. Focus Journal is a timer and timer app for Windows and Mac that enables you to track your time and get more done.
Key Features:
* Track your time, divide your day, week and month into focused and distracted time.
* Customizable and intelligent time tracking.
* Real-time reports to help you improve your time management skills.
* Track progress on your tasks and improve your focus.
* Sleep timer.
* Sleep Quality (Awake/asleep/unconsciousness) tracking.
* Pass/Fail attempts to reach a goal.
* Daily Statistics.
* Weekly statistics.
* Monthly statistics.
* Google Calender integration.
* Daily, weekly or monthly statistics.
* Invoice with detailed information about the time you worked on them.
* Completed, failed and ongoing.
* Type of task, project, story or event.
* Task list.
* Project list.
* Flag to mark a task as urgent.
* Start & stop the timer, and manage your time.
* Manage tags and notes.
* Version history.
* Add tasks, projects or contacts.
* Color tags and projects to make it easier to track and organize your projects.
* Organize your time and get more done with focus.
* Log all tasks that are currently in progress and are awaiting focus.
* Add new tasks and keep your task list up to date.
* Customizable, color-coded tabs.
* Animate and make your timer even more fun.
* And more…
*Inbox, Task & Calendar Manager
*Projects Manager
*To-do lists
*Tasks – in the project list
*Add tasks
*Delete tasks
*Edit tasks
*Filter tasks
*Filter tasks
*New task
*Customized reports
*Advanced sleep timer
*Calculate time for sleep
*Daily report
*Weekly report
*Monthly report
*Vital stats
*To-do list
*Next task
*Time left on task
*Mark as In Progress
*View Completed
*Edit task
*Delete task

Focus Journal 1.67 Full Version X64

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Focus Journal 1.67 Activation Code

Although focused on improving concentration, this application is capable of dealing with its unexpected side effects too, such as mild to severe distraction (e.g. social media and free surfing). It does so by providing alert and “reward-based” features, which are present in many other applications, too. It even makes use of a “background” option (in addition to the “foreground” one).

Focusing On A Specific Project
This is a powerful application that can also be of use to a beginner, as it can be easily employed for the creation of workflows. It is limited to the operation on a single, selected project, which is optional. The main advantage of this option is that it enables one to set up complex workflows and managing them afterwards.

This multifaceted application can be a great help to individuals and small teams, as it will provide the means for developing a concentrated attitude, managing your tasks and even taking breaks.

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What’s New In Focus Journal?

Managing and tracking your work days
Managing your work days has never been easier than on Focus Journal. Use your device’s built-in camera to snap a picture of your daily activities; you can then organize them by subject or by day.
Then, you can track all your efforts, from hour to hour, to help you plan, prioritize, and follow up on any project.
To get started, just add a new activity by taking a photo of your day and choosing one of the available subjects.
Use the photo organizer to:
– Mark a project as finished
– Separate personal and professional activity
– Add a new project to a list
– Use the “Get Things Done” feature to stay on track
– Build a task management tool with a calendar and checklist
– Combine things into collections
– Use a planner that helps you follow-up and make plans
Your activity and projects will be available on your device and on your web account in the app.
If you’re on the go, you can also access your activity on your mobile phone from the Focus Journal website.
Easily organize your work by using several projects
Make your work easier with the project tool. First, create an “Activity”. Then, drag an “Activity” to a project, and your activity will automatically be assigned to the project.
Next, select a time range and add your activity to the project in a specific date.
The project tool also has a “Get Things Done” feature, which allows you to create projects and then organize, manage, and plan tasks on the project.
Lastly, you can easily organize activities by using a “Calendar” and a “Checklist”, which helps you create task lists, and a “Planner” that enables you to create to-do lists and organize your activities.
Detailed information about your activities
It’s never been easier to track, organize, and manage your day. The “Activity” tool lets you:
– Snap a picture and organize your activities
– Mark a project as finished
– Separate personal and professional activities
– Add a new project to a list
– Use the “Get Things Done” feature to stay on track
– Build a task management tool with a calendar and checklist
– Combine things into collections
– Use a planner that helps you follow-up and make plans
– Access your activities and projects on the web and your device
Each project has a project diary that allows you to:
– Write notes
– Attach images and files

System Requirements For Focus Journal:

*Windows XP or newer operating systems
*Sega Genesis Mini Emulator with Modchip support
*Minimum of 2GB of free hard drive space
*2.8GB of RAM
*8GB or more of available memory
*Supported SNES Model 1, 2, and 3
*Supported SNES Model 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
*Supported Gameboy Color
*Supported Game Boy Advance
*Supported Game Boy Player
*Supported Game Boy Player


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