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Rinzo is a real time XML editor. It is a GUI/XML editor for developers and designers. It supports external editors such as CKEditor, TinyMCE and many others. It provides powerful features that allow you to edit, preview, insert, manage, and format XML.
Rinzo is both a GUI-based and code-based editor. It has a full set of editing and formatting options. It supports multiple languages and keyboard layouts. It is available in 10 languages.
Rinzo can store the XML files in UTF-8 or Windows-1252. It has both local and remote database support.
Rinzo supports XHTML, XForms and XSLT 1.0. It supports the W3C DOM and XSLT 2.0. It supports both forward and backward compatibility.
Rinzo is a fast, powerful, easy-to-use tool for a variety of XML-related tasks.
XMLPanda is a fast, easy-to-use XML Parsing, DOM, and XSLT processor. XMLPanda is a powerful tool for XML developers and designers. It allows you to rapidly access and process XML content and documents.
XMLPanda supports language independent XSLT 1.0 transformation. It supports data persistence and file storage. It supports the DOM and XHTML 2.0. It has advanced XML support and full DOM API.
XMLPanda can transform XML to XHTML, XForms and XSLT, and vice versa. It can also modify and compress XML documents. It supports Transclusion and Xinclude. It has advanced DOM features such as advanced DOM APIs, Saxon-HE 9.4.0, and full XPath API.
XMLPanda has a simple, yet powerful, user interface. It is simple to use. XMLPanda can run on a wide range of operating systems.
XMLPanda is a very fast, easy-to-use tool for XML developers and designers.
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The optional key macro functionality allows you to perform tasks more quickly and easily.
With the key macro functionality, you can insert, remove and move content using keyboard shortcuts and key combinations.
KEYMACRO is an optional add-on for those who are in constant need of a short way to do things.
It is the fastest way to perform the following:
– Insert content in a file or a document.
– Delete content from a file or a document.
– Move content from one place to another.
– Insert, delete, and move content using keyboard shortcuts and key combinations.
– Manage macros and their dependencies.
– Check if a macro is a key macro.
– Set system and user keyboard shortcuts.
System keyboard shortcuts:
Insert: Ctrl + ‘
Move: Alt + F
Delete: Ctrl + D
Set system shortcuts:
C+’ : Open macro manager
Shift+’ : Close macro manager
Ctrl+’ : Open selected macro
Ctrl+Shift+’ : Close all macro
Ctrl+’ : Open active document or file
F1 : Toolbar
Shift+F1 : Active document or file
S+’ : Focus content
S+E : Edit content
V+’ : View content
S+0 : Toggle padding on/off
S+1 : Toggle white space on/off
S+2 : Toggle font styles on/off
S+3 : Toggle line spacing on/off
S+4 : Toggle height and width on/off
S+5 : Toggle paragraph settings
S+6 : Toggle display text on/off
S+7 : Toggle margins on/off
S+8 : Toggle background color on/off
S+9 : Toggle alignment on/off
S+10 : Toggle breaks on/off
S+11 : Toggle bullets on/off
S+12 : Toggle font size on/off
S+13 : Toggle document format on/off
S+14 : Toggle text orientation on/off
S+15 : Toggle left/right/top/bottom margin on/off
S+16 : Toggle justification on/off
S+17 : Toggle hyphenation on/off
S+18 : Toggle text flow on/off
S+19 : Toggle page orientation on/off
S+20 : Toggle orientation on/off
S+21 : Toggle header/footer
S+22 : Toggle headers and footers on


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