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JWasm Serial Key is a single-file assembler with full support for Intel assembly and native multi-byte instructions. It comes with an easy-to-use wizard-like interface that makes it a straight-forward, intuitive way to assemble x86 code. The source code is very simple, allowing you to use the.NET-based debugger (NIL) to review and tweak your code as you assemble. JWasm Crack supports all Intel instruction sets including MOV, ADD, XOR, SEG, BLD, STC and many others.


JWasm Activation Code Free For Windows [Updated] 2022

:u64 [MEM] :search the memory (64 bit)
:r64 [MEM] :search the memory (64 bit)
:w64 [MEM] :search the memory (64 bit)
:r32 [OPTION] [REG] :search the memory (32 bit)
:w32 [OPTION] [REG] :search the memory (32 bit)
:r16 [OPTION] [REG] :search the memory (16 bit)
:w16 [OPTION] [REG] :search the memory (16 bit)
:u8 [OPTION] [REG] :search the memory (8 bit)
:r8 [OPTION] [REG] :search the memory (8 bit)
:mov [OPTION] [REG] [MEM] :move data from memory to register
:and [OPTION] [REG] [MEM] :AND
:or [OPTION] [REG] [MEM] :OR
:xor [OPTION] [REG] [MEM] :XOR


Reads an input file
Parses and concatenates segments from the file
Parses and converts to machine code.
Generates and writes out an OMF file.
Generates and writes out a MS Coff file.
Generates and writes out an Elf file.
Generates and writes out a Bin file.
Generates and writes out a MZ file.

JWasm Installation:

Download the JWasm package from GitHub and extract its content to any folder.
Open the file jwasm.bat and add your folder to its path
For example:


(This needs to be done before running the file, see point 1.)

JWasm Usage:

E.g. You have a text file.txt with the following content:

; Example
mov ebx, [%esp] ret

You can run JWasm on that file by opening a command line and running:

JWasm.bat text.txt

You should see the following output:

mov eax, [0x101000] ret

There are several options to run the file with.

To simply execute the file, simply run:

JWasm.bat text.txt

To run the file with full optimization:

JWasm -of wasm_optimized.bin

To run the file with no optimization:

JWasm -off

The following options are available:

-f – produces an OMF file.

-t – produces an MS Coff file.

-e – produces an Elf file.

-b – produces a Bin file.

-m – produces a MZ file.

To generate a memory map for the compiled code, add a -mem flag:

JWasm -mem wasm_output.bin -f

To generate a text file with various information for the input file:

JWasm -info -file wasm_output.bin

To generate an additional output file with the generated machine code:

JWasm -code wasm_output.bin -off -opt


opt : Options for the code generation (not required)

: Options for the code generation (not required)

The following

What’s New In?

JWasm is a straight-forward, accessible and useful MASM compatible assembler. The main goal is to ease the MASM Coder in that tasks such as registering in and out-of-line variables can be done automatically. JWasm features such as syntax highlighting, automatic line number information, support for various output formats, setting of code alignment, and more.

JWasm and are a joint project.
We both work together to build a better WebAssembly format and tooling.
JWasm is a very serious project to build a better MASM compatible assembler.
We try to achieve this by creating a clean interface for the MASM Coder that makes it as easy as possible to create efficient, well-readable, compact and easy to maintain MASM code.

JWasm Release Notes:

Version 1.2.0

Fixed bug in OMF export: fixed bug that prevented OMF export of C++ classes and enums.

Version 1.2.1

Fixed bug in ASMOFF64 that caused COMDAT problems in 32-bit assembler when compiling files with line numbers.

Version 1.2.2

Fixed bug that caused CRC code to compile with errors in 32-bit assembler.

Version 1.2.3

Fixed bug in MSMFF that prevented MSMFF export of C++ classes and enums.

Fixed bug in MSMFF export that caused incorrect alignment for data registers.

Fixed bug in LLVM that prevented LLVM 4.0 to work on Windows (it was failing because of thread local storage).

It is now possible to set the number of files to be created when assembling a file.
The generated assembly will contain the same number of lines as specified in the file.

Note that the -f(ile number) switch is required when using the LLVM compiler.

In order to make it easier to port code between MASM and JWasm, the following are supported:


.code: Name of section to insert code into when generating an OMF or binary.

.data: Name of section to insert data into when generating an OMF or binary.

.code: End of code section.

.data: End of data section.

This does not work when using the Intel OMF export.

Note: In ASMOFF mode, using the.code sections for variables or functions is not possible since the original section names are no longer available.

Seeking to a section:

If the section is not named, the section name is set to ‘.code’ or ‘.data’ if it does not already exist.

When there is a section named ‘code’, it is set as the section name for all

System Requirements For JWasm:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: Intel Core i3-3220 (3.2 GHz)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 (3.4 GHz)
Processor: Intel Core i7-4790

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