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Mama Tama Uncensored ~REPACK~


Mama Tama Uncensored

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Mama Tama Uncensored

how to get new set of memory location with printing the numbers in the particular order after realloc?

How can i get a new set of memory locations with incremented numbers after using realloc?
after realloc some memory location have the number 50,102,75,100,52,125
how can i get new set of memory locations with the numbers like:
i am trying something like
int* new_arr = (int*)realloc(mem,sizeof(int));

where am i doing wrong?


You can use a more modern way like that :

int* getnewmem()
return realloc(mem,sizeof(int));

int main()
int* new_arr = getnewmem();

new_arr[0], new_arr[1], new_arr[2], new_arr[3],
new_arr[4], new_arr[5]);

Tested on gcc and clang on OSX.
Notes :

new_arr is only for the