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Move Action is a freeware Windows tool designed to turn your webcam into a powerful surveillance system, offering a bunch of useful tools with minimum configuration options.
It's pretty difficult to get lost in the main window after you launch the program for the first time, not necessarily because it's well organized, but also because of the limited number of features.
The ace up its sleeve is the motion detection tool, which is actually the one that serves as the foundation of each feature bundled into the app.
What Move Action actually does is to monitor the webcam and, in case motion is detected, to automatically perform a certain action.
For example, the program can lock the computer, which means the user in front of the monitor needs a password to get back into Windows, save JPG images to the local disk, play a WAV sound file or simply launch an external application.
In case you're wondering how is this possible, Move Action relies on quite a basic engine: it analyzes images at a regular interval and in case it notices some differences between them, it means that it should perform the user-defined action.
Move Action runs on low resources most of the time and works flawlessly on all Windows versions, without the need for administrator privileges on Windows 7 workstations.
So, as a conclusion, Move Action is quite a basic product that serves its purpose very well, but nothing more. If you're searching for a minimal interface, a limited number of configuration options and simple features, you're in luck.


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Move Action Crack + Download (Final 2022)

A collection of tools you can use to watch and record live action from your webcam.
Supports Live Capture, recording the video and audio of your webcam.
Capture JPEG files from your webcam.
Set timers to capture a series of pictures.
Gestures support.
Motion Detection and Actions support.
Supports multiple cameras (cannot detect more than 1 camera yet).
Full system detection support.
Compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Linux.

Reviews of Move Action

15 Reviews

Llewellyn D.


April 19, 2018

It’s great

I’ve been using the software for a few months now. It has a lot of features that make it very versatile, as well as being able to configure and adjust them to your needs. When I first started using it, I was a bit concerned about a lack of documentation, but after a quick few minutes with the help of Google, I was able to find a tutorial that made it much easier to set everything up to my liking. When it comes to what the software actually does, it’s pretty much exactly what you would expect. It locks the screen when motion is detected, it saves images to the PC, and it plays sound when motion is detected. I like it because it’s very straightforward and easy to use, it’s stable, and it’s powerful. It’s also very easy to find a tutorial to help you get it all set up to your liking. Overall, I’d give it 5 stars.

Trinity R.


December 28, 2017

One word: Amazing!

This is the ultimate webcam, easy to use, extremely flexible, and it is the only webcam that can replace your keyboard. It is also one of the first, free, and easy to use software that will enable you to recognize every single gesture on your face. For example, as soon as you raise your hand, the software will detect it and start a timer (in case you want to set it up so that your computer freezes or locks after X amount of seconds) and it will send a MJPEG photo of your hand to the computer with a sound (this could be a cool way to start a video call, but you could even use it for documentation or just to detect a finger or your eye going up). There are

Move Action Crack

The program that analyzes images at a regular interval and performs the corresponding action in case it finds anything interesting.
Logic of the action:
Move Action For Windows 10 Crack can perform any one of the following actions: lock the computer, save JPG images to the local disk, play a WAV sound file or run an application.
The program assumes that it should run when:
A user in front of the webcam performs an action that would make a lot of changes in the captured images (move the mouse, click on the window, etc.), and
A user in front of the webcam shows no activity for a certain amount of time (this feature works very well for video conferencing!).
Move Action 2022 Crack is configured by means of a simple and straightforward form, where all the features and action to be performed are indicated.
User options:
Here you can specify the name of the folder in which the images will be stored (by default, they will be saved in your Desktop).
The program will also attempt to automatically find the folder on your PC, but if that fails, you’ll have to specify the path to a folder on your computer.
Move Action will automatically store the images it analyzes to a folder named Analysis.
Note that the program will only store your images in the Analysis folder if the folder is not named Analysis, otherwise it will create it and rename the images stored in it to Analysis_1, Analysis_2, etc.
The operation is simple, but the program will only analyze a certain number of images before it stops, and also it will check only the images contained in a certain folder.
Motion detection:
Move Action can detect motion by comparing the current image with the previous one and then, assuming there has been some change, performing the corresponding action.
The analysis interval can be specified in minutes or hours and it can be configured to run at the beginning of each interval or at intervals defined by the program.
The results can be displayed as the program is run or can be saved into a log file.
Configuration options:
The program’s main window is composed of two panes.
The left one represents the current images, while the right one displays the settings and the logs.
The program will automatically start analyzing the images stored on your computer if none are specified.
You can use the left pane to specify the folder in which the analysis should be performed, how frequently it should be run, if it should be performed at the beginning or at the end of each interval,

Move Action Crack Activator

– It’s free.
– It works on all Windows versions.
– It’s fully functional, without the need for administrator privileges.
– It runs on low resources.
– It works with all webcams.
– The action to perform is selected by the user.
– It’s very easy to use.
– The main window is clearly organized.
– It can record JPG images and WAV files.
– It can launch an external program, save JPG images and play WAV files.
– It can lock the computer.
– The internal settings are minimal.
– No manual configuration is required.
– Supports multiple languages.
– The app’s main window supports previews of the monitored images.
– It allows various actions on the monitored computer.

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Amaya A. Product Review

My new job involves a lot of travel, and thus I needed an easy-to-use travel monitor that would allow me to check up on my family from anywhere.
My old monitor was capable of accepting VGA and HDMI video inputs, but it was built like a behemoth and was also pretty heavy, so I wanted something light that was easy to carry in my briefcase and connect to my laptop via VGA.
I’m happy to report that I found such a device in the form of the Amaya Mobile Video Monitor. It’s small and light, and it has enough ports to let you plug in your laptop, iPad or smartphone.
Connecting the monitor is simple; there’s only one HDMI port and one VGA port, and you just plug the cable into the port that corresponds with the type of video output you’re using.
The monitor also has a built-in speaker, so you don’t need to run it through your computer’s built-in speakers or use headphones.
The monitor also supports audio pass-through, which is good because I’m on the go most of the time and I use my smartphone’s external speaker to listen to music while I’m out and about.
I was able to connect my laptop to the Amaya Mobile Video Monitor using the VGA port, connect my iPad to the monitor’s HDMI port, and connect my smartphone to the monitor’s audio input.
Once I was connected to the monitor, I was able to stream video from my laptop, iPad and smartphone to the monitor

What’s New In?

Move Action is a freeware webcam security software and surveillance tool. It provides motion detection and captures images to perform various action. It also has several other features to turn your webcam into a surveillance device, such as local file capturing, saving WAV sound files, email capturing, sending WAV sound files to a server, locking the PC, etc.

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The package includes the free version of Process Explorer and the best security tools you need to have on your system.
While Process Explorer gives you the tools to view and terminate all running processes on your system in a unified interface, it also contains a Registry cleaner, a registry defragmenter and system monitoring tool, that will detect and clean out all registry problems, scan your PC for malware, vulnerabilities and network connections.
In addition, Process Explorer includes a host of other features, including a shell extension that adds system tray icons, CPU and memory usage monitoring, desktop screen capture, and more.
The program also includes the Disk Defragmenter tool, that lets you defragment your hard drives.
By default, Process Explorer launches on startup, which means you'll be able to view processes and system information, as soon as you boot your computer.
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System Requirements For Move Action:

1 CPU Core (Core i3/Core i5/Core i7)
DirectX version 11
HDD 8 GB available space
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015
If you wish to install the game you have to download the installer from our website
Windows 7/8/10
Minimum System Requirements
The minimum requirements are :
CPU: Intel Core i5
OS: Windows 7

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