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Bridge Traffic Analyzer is a tool that will work as a bridge between a 3270/5250 user session and the Cisco Integrated Services Routers or other interface. The application provides the user with the same 3270/5250 session that the user was working in.
It extracts certain metrics (number of messages, number of bytes and packet errors) from the 3270/5250 session and produces the same results as if you were analyzing the traffic from your 3270/5250 session.
It is a standalone application and does not require a connection to a Cisco Integrated Services Router or an interface.
NOTE: Bridge Traffic Analyzer can extract information for Cisco Integrated Services Routers only when they are in 3270/5250 mode. Bridge Traffic Analyzer can not extract information from Cisco Integrated Services Routers in a 9201 AHD or STP mode.
How to Use Bridge Traffic Analyzer:
1. Install Bridge Traffic Analyzer:
In order to use Bridge Traffic Analyzer you must first install the application. This can be done by downloading the EXE file from the Downloads section and double clicking on it to run it.
2. Launch Bridge Traffic Analyzer:
Once you have installed Bridge Traffic Analyzer, launch it by double clicking on its icon on the system tray (top right corner).
3. Select the interface that will be used:
A window will appear asking you to select the interface. If you are unable to find the Interface you are trying to view the traffic of, then click the “select interface” button.
4. Select the session:
Select the session by clicking on the “Session Select” button.
5. Choose the metric to view:
You can choose from all the metrics that are available in the Application. The metrics available depends on the capabilities of the Cisco Integrated Services Router you are using.
The configuration can be saved in the application files and can be loaded from these files later.
In order to save the configuration, click the “Save” button.
To load the saved configuration, click on the “Load” button.
6. Bridge Traffic Analyzer will display the metrics as the window is resized and the application is working.
7. Press the “Exiting” button to exit the application.
8. If you want to exit the application without saving the configuration, click the “exit without saving configuration” button.


I have created a EXE file to run this application called CRLD 0cd6e936a3


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