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These tutorials cover case studies based on the Palisade software and include special versions of the @RISK or DecisionTools Suite student tutorials.
There are also ethical textbooks.
For example, “Teaching Learning for Good and Evil” was developed by Stuart Zaber, who is the senior director of the Center for Oriented Educational Improvement Programs. These textbooks are based on those that have been successfully implemented in educational institutions and are aimed at teaching students to develop their leadership skills in accordance with them.
Then there is the textbook Best Solution: Strategies for Leadership Teams, which became The Self-Taught Guide to the Experience of Leadership and Managing.
You can also highlight the series “Instructions for the Ideas and Innovation Labs” as presented in this course was developed by organizations such as the Generation 2030 Foundation and CSUB (a program of engineering and research programs).
The list consists of periodicals and brochures.
The leader in education and innovation is The Strategic Centers for Innovation in Education (SCDIE).
The IBM-led Forum for the Advancement of Education consortium develops educational initiatives to help universities improve the quality of education and make learning easier.
It is one of the ideological centers of the movement towards more open learning.



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