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In addition to keyboard macro recording, you can now create macros for the system’s desktop interface. Macros are a way to automate common desktop actions, such as opening a program, launching an application, and doing certain actions within a web browser. You can create a single macro to perform a series of steps or create more complex macros that perform multiple actions at once. KeyMACRO can be used to record mouse clicks and keystrokes so you can do a complete rebinding of your keyboard. It can capture keystrokes and mouse clicks and also synchronize to a remote computer, like a laptop or desktop computer.
KeyMACRO is cross platform and works on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
KeyMACRO Features:
Create Custom Keyboard Macros
Customize your macros with easy to use controls. Use your mouse or keyboard to select the feature you want to use in the Macro Builder.
Automate Mouse and Keyboard Actions
Run a macro from the keyboard or from the mouse. Automate actions within a web browser. Click and drag with the mouse or click and hold a hot key to run a macro.
Backup and Restore Macros
A single macro can be backed up and restored.
Multiple Macros per Program
You can have more than one macro per program.
KeyMACRO Logs Macros to a.txt File
You can log your macros for later analysis and review.
Save Macros to the Clipboard
You can save macros to the clipboard so you can quickly run them again later on.
Automatically Run Macros
Automatically run the macros stored on the remote computer that KeyMACRO is connected to.
Reorder and Modify Macros
Drag and drop macros to reorder. Modify macros with the Remap and Object Groups controls.
Record Keystrokes and Mouse Clicks
Record all actions you perform on the computer.
Remote Control of a Remote Computer
You can control the mouse and keyboard of a remote computer.
Advanced Features:
Choose a Remote PC, Remote Mouse or Remote Keyboard
The mouse, keyboard or remote computer to control is selected from a list.
Automatic Timeouts
Automatic timeouts are a helpful way to prevent macros from running endlessly.
Save the Macros to a.txt File
After each macro has been run, it is saved to a.txt file.
Free Support
You can easily find answers to all of your questions.
Send Feedback
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■ Enable macros for Mac based CD burners such as and Toast Titanium.
■ Exposes the Macromedia Flash object embedded in the image.
■ Customize some more image options with the cool setting panel
■ Displays a progress bar when creating a CD
■ Display a message that the image is a demo
■ The CD image is created using the Icon format
■ You can create a new icon or adjust the existing one
■ The “CD Image” dialog allows you to view the underlying image
■ You can write it to a blank CD-R/RW disk as an image file
■ A single session is created. This is most likely the image you will need.
■ You can create a CD image for each ISO or for all ISO at once.
■ The images can be stored to CD, DVD, BluRay
■ A Macromedia Flash object is embedded in the image
■ The images can be created and accessed via the CD EveryWhere application
■ The images can be accessed via the CD EveryWhere application
■ The images can be accessed via the Macromedia Flash player in the Macintosh Finder
■ The images can be accessed via the Internet.
■ Options can be selected to control the amount of compression used to create the image.
■ The only limitation is that the ISO needs to be smaller than the size of the disk image you create.
■ The demo session is only 10 MB and lasts 1 minute. It does not include the Macromedia Flash object.
■ When using CDEVERYWHERE to create the CD images you need to make sure that the version of Macromedia Flash included in the image software is greater than the version included with CDEVERYWHERE.
■ It is advised that you use the latest version of the image software and the latest version of CDEVERYWHERE
■ It is advised that you use the latest version of the image software and the latest version of CDEVERYWHERE
■ Try not to use CDEVERYWHERE to create CD images that you plan to share. CDEVERYWHERE needs disk space to operate.
■ You will need to use the Macromedia Flash image to play the Macromedia Flash object that is

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