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A small freeware application that you can use to look up the definition of a certain word or the translation of an expression. QDictionary is an intuitive and intuitive tool that has been developed specifically to help you search for a word in your own language. You can use it on most of the Windows systems, but we recommend using it on portable devices such as USB drives, so you can use QDictionary on a laptop, on your home PC or even on your mobile phone.
To start using the tool, just extract the archive and open the folder, which contains all the necessary core files. You can then double-click on the QDictionary.exe file in order to launch the software, which includes your entire vocabulary in English and other selected languages.
• Dictionary List: Displays a list of all the available dictionaries.
• Translate Items: Translate the selected item in other languages.
• Search: Reads all the entries and displays those matching the input expression.
• Edit: Alter the existing words, delete or add new ones.
• Portability: QDictionary can be installed or run from any machine thanks to a simple self-extracting archive that can be installed on a USB drive.
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10;
Features (Testimonials):
“I needed a program to learn the basic definitions of new words in English. It was all about research and finding the translations. That’s what I found, the translation is perfect and I recommend you to try this free tool.”
Danilo Ghonzalez, ES LL.M., LEGAL STUDIES, YEAR 2009
“I used the tool to write my last papers. It has worked perfectly.”
Zafar Ahmed, PhD, SE, YEAR 2012
“It’s an excellent tool. Excellent help.”
Henri Souca, M.D., SE, YEAR 2012
“This translation program is the best! I have used a lot and it works great for me. ”
Zsolt Lilihér, DSG M.Sc. YEAR 2014
“I was in the need to look up the meaning of specific words. This application helped me a lot and I recommend it to my friends.”
Ádám Kósa, SE, YEAR 2015
“A very useful tool.”

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All of them have their own pros and cons but you may consider such as easy to use and the interface is standard and clear. For any information and query regarding the details you can write us at [email protected].


The best way I know is to search the internet.


Open the Help & About menu from the Windows taskbar, and then type QDictionary Full Crack. The Help & About dialog box appears with more details about QDictionary. Also, typing Tools from the Help & About menu will let you open the Manage Applications dialog box, which lets you uninstall the application.


There are some other similar tools.
Its is not an exact answer, but why dont you try these.
Terminology (Windows Store)

Transparent People (Windows Store)

These are the Windows Store apps.
But I recommend you this if you are looking for more information.

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2-panel interface for looking up particular terms using an intuitive layout
The dictionary is structured in a list divided into the following main categories:
Dictionary Terms & Definitions

3-language support
The application supports translation in many languages, including:


Overall, it’s a smart, user-friendly program that creates a great first impression. QDictionary could probably be called the best dictionary tool with the most advanced features and broad support. You can make it your new favorite word book.
The program can be downloaded for free from the official website. But I suggest you to get the latest version of the software if you wish to be fully satisfied with all its features. It doesn’t take a lot of time to download.
Download QDictionary

Checklist of the features of QDictionary:
Command list
Menu / icon based interface
Dictionary list
Quick search
Code list
Online lookup
Export / import your data to CSV
Language switcher
Search filter
Text replacement
Backwards search
Term details
Edit mode
Add new term
Lookup/replace in selection
Manually select a location
Undo/redo changes
Find similar terms
Grammatical analysis
Open external program
Spell checker
Advanced option


I have been using and recommending a combination of SOAnswers and Polyglot for about a year now.
It’s a very, very intuitive tool which has improved with every new feature they add (for example you can now set your own translation for specific words).
It’s free, portable, has a very clean UI and is supported by a full-time developer, i.e. it gets updated more often than most paid word processors. I even use it as my main note-taking program for my technical projects.

Grateful “thirty” book for after thirty?

Thoroughly enjoy the first year…kicking off in January. I didn’

What’s New In?


There are lots of online dictionaries out there, some more complete than others.
Here are some options:

This one is packed with dictionaries and examples, and there are good “keywords” and “word cloud” features too.
This one is also packed with dictionaries and examples, plus other features like acronym expansion.
Pretty much the same as jisho but it’s a bit easier on the eyes.

Hope that helps.

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System Requirements For QDictionary:

Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial)
At least 4GB of RAM
AMD/Intel Graphics (AMD Vulkan Compatible Required)
Minimal Requirements:
At least 2GB of RAM
About This Game
As a symbol of the ideals of the Renaissance, the work of Leonardo Da Vinci is both a treasure of knowledge and one of our most moving examples of art, expressing


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