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Windows Theme Installer Description

Windows Theme Installer Short Review

What is it?

Windows Theme Installer is a program that allows you to modify the overall appearance of the Windows Vista and 7 operating systems.
The software is capable of installing almost any Windows theme you desire; just select the type of modifications you want to make (install a new theme, replace the existing one or change the appearance of the system) and install the new theme.
Of course, there are some limitations on this tool, but they don’t make it less useful, at least for some users.

Windows Theme Installer Features

Installing Windows 7 and Vista Themes

To install new themes, all you need to do is download and extract the contents of the theme you want to install to the folder where the tool is installed.
If you are not satisfied with the look of your PC after you install a theme, Windows Theme Installer also allows you to switch to the default look of the OS or to remove only the theme you want to remove.

Provides more than just the color scheme

The software is capable of installing more than just the color scheme of the Windows 7 or Vista operating systems.
As mentioned before, you can also tweak the appearance of the Welcome Center window, the place where you can get familiarized with the functions provided by your operating system.
You can also customize the tools in the Start menu, add and remove shortcuts, change the look of the Run box and the Weather and Stocks Windows controls.

Easy to use

The software is easy to use, meaning that it should take you no more than a couple of minutes to modify the appearance of your operating system.
After you download the desired theme, you need to select the type of modifications you want to make (install a new theme, replace the existing one or change the appearance of the system) and install the new theme.


Windows Theme Installer is not entirely free.
There are some limitations on this tool, mostly because there are too many themes available on the Web. As a result, not all themes have all the files installed.
However, even if some of them don’t have some of the files, the software is still capable of installing the ones you need.

Windows Theme Installer Minimum Requirements

Installation/Driver requirements

The software works on all Windows operating systems starting with Windows Vista and 7.
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Piggydb is a Java-based software application designed specifically for helping you organize interrelated and textual content into in a virtual working environment. You can use this program as an outliner, diary or notebook.
Portable running mode
The tool comes in a lightweight and portable package which can be deployed on your system on the fly. The best part about it is that you don’t need to go through an installation process as you can directly run the utility on the target computer.
The portable mode brings some advantages to your computer. The app doesn’t leave any entries in the Windows registry and store configuration data. You can also copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices and take it with out.
Web-driven interface
Piggydb can be controlled via your preferred web browser, be it Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer or another one.
It delivers a clean interface where you can keep track of your information with the aid of multiple fragments. Additionally, you may create relationships between the generated fragments.
Create a new fragment
Piggydb helps you store data on an online platform and insert multiple fragments for organizing your pieces of information. A new fragment can be easily created by providing the title, adding a tag, and writing a user-defined message right in the dedicated panel.
You can also paste the text from other third-party tools, preview the fragment before adding it to the database, as well as alter the text in terms of bold, italic or strike-through options, insert links, enter the fragment ID, add a custom file from your computer, and embed the quote symbol. A new fragment can also consist of a single document imported from your system.
Managing fragments, searches and filters
The application allows you to create relationships between fragments using the drag-and-drop support, preview the content of a fragment in a new HTML webpage, edit or bookmark the fragment, as well as tag fragments as trash or add them to the homepage, and select multiple fragments at the same time.
The viewing mode can also tweaked using the built-in slider which allows you to hide or show details about your registered fragments. Plus, you can make the tool shuffle the notes, sort them in an ascending or descending order, or filter data by update or creation date, ID, title, creator or updater.
Several configuration settings to play with
Piggydb lets you change the current password, export the current database to a file for making sure


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