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This software enables you to create and edit macros for all sorts of applications. KeyMacro is a utility program that allows you to automatically perform certain actions in a web browser, without having to write a single line of code.
Once you have the program installed on a computer, you can add a shortcut to its main folder, which will take you straight to the application that is assigned to it. Once the link is active, you can type a few letters on your keyboard to activate the macro.
The macros are then automatically performed in a web browser, which allows you to rapidly and easily perform common and repetitive tasks, without having to write a single line of code.
KeyMacro is mainly used to create custom shortcuts for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and other web browsers, but you can also build a command or shortcut for your favorite apps.
KEYMACRO Key Features:
– Enable macros for web browsers
– Add a shortcut to a program
– Add macros with a single click
– Create your own macros
– Shortcut for all web browsers
– Create macros in different languages
– Multiple shortcuts per application
– Drag&Drop functionality
– Add new shortcuts
– Enable or disable existing shortcuts
– Set shortcut options
– Macro settings, can be
set per page and per tab
– Use Key Macro as a web browser
– Fill forms, upload files,
search or switch languages
– Save macros
– Save to folder
– Import macros from folder
– Set shortcut permissions
– Delete shortcut
– Import and export data
– Import macros from template
– Export templates
– Export macros to file
– Disable shortcuts
– Add new page
– Add new tab
– Delete tab
– Delete shortcut
– Close window
– Open new tab
– Open folder
– Enable or disable plugins
– Hotkeys
– Import macros from file
– Export macros to file
– Export templates to file
– Import macros from template
– Export templates to file
– Import and export data
– Import macros from Excel
– Export macros to Excel
– Import and export data
– Import macros from PHP
– Export macros to PHP
– Import and export data
– Import macros from Json
– Export macros to Json
– Import and export data
– Import macros from XML
– Export macros to XML
– Import and export data
– Import macros from CSV
– Export macros to CSV
– Import and export data
– Import macros from 70238732e0

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Provides a different perspective on YouTube’s recommendation system by preventing the most suggested videos from being recommended. You can even select videos for further analysis
Privacy and Terms:
If you are part of the group that is part of the ongoing research, the extension would not work and you would be kindly asked to leave it. If you are part of the standard group, the extension would work but data would be gathered for the ongoing research.
How to use:
The extension simply goes onto YouTube and does its job, preventing you from being recommended misleading, clic-baiting or not actually relevant videos.
User-friendly and easy to use
Works across various websites, such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Google Search.
The extension filters out misleading or clic-baiting videos on YouTube.
The extension itself does not collect any information from you.
The extension is not perfect, and there are videos that may still show up.
Sometimes it takes time for the extension to pick out the relevant videos to block, as well as suggestions.
The extension is a handy utility that lets you manage YouTube recommendations better. However, considering that the information is gathered for research, you should be aware of the fact that Mozilla will be gathering your data.
The artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming more and more important in our everyday lives. We are now able to learn from our smart devices, chat with them, and even teach them. We just have to acknowledge that these A.I. are making some pretty big assumptions, but that’s how it goes.
Google wants to turn the A.I. community into a multi-billion dollar industry, and one of their main strategies to do this is to create a more effective recommendation algorithm that will be able to predict what people are going to want to watch in the future.
Mozilla wants to take a more active approach to the problem, and wants to provide people with more reliable and trustworthy recommendations.
If you are interested in learning more about the problem, we recommend that you continue to the link below:

published:28 Nov 2018


YouTube has many useful features.
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