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SCPH-50004 EUR Con 0170 20030227 V9.p2b.epub


19 Jan 2018
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Normally it’s a waste of time and in this case it was only because it was a very urgent situation. ”The first and only issue I plan to raise in my first cabinet is to make sure there are adequate maternity benefits for working mothers. ”Ahmet Davutoglu, who has vowed to make Turkey a “modern, secular and democratic” state, said he was ready to enter the “supreme struggle”.
— /1590688-scph-50004-eur-con-0170-20030227-v9-p2b-epub-bezalel.

Is there a way for me to import this information in R? I want to find all the pages in the xml file that contain the text “Turkey.”


For all pages in the xml file:
xml_path = “/path/to/file.xml”
summary = xml_read(xml_path, ‘html’, comment = ”, add_xml_metadata = FALSE)
summary_text = html_nodes(summary, “//h3[@class=’title’]”) %>% html_text()
summary_text = summary_text[grepl(“Turkey”, summary_text)] summary_text

[1] “Ahmet Davutoglu’s ministerial selection shows that women continue to be disgracefully underrepresented in the Turkish cabinet.”


Subset of numbers from list

I have a list of numbers :

Now, I want to create a function so that it only takes the nth number and not the nth number in each row. I want this to apply to any n. So, for n=5, it returns a list of 5 elements. For n=4 it returns a list of 4 elements. For n=3, it returns 3 elements. For n=2, it returns a list of 2 elements. For n=1, it returns a list of 1 element.
For example:

This should return:


Note that get3nth[1] should return:



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