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What’s New In?

Sfx-Factory! is a powerful tool that allows you to create the installers for all kinds of software, right from the step-by-step wizard-driven process. The straightforward and intuitive interface makes sure you can get everything done without a hitch, and with a reasonable amount of customization.
How to use Sfx-Factory!
First, you’ll need to have the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Ultimate Edition installed. Next, launch the application and follow the wizard through the process, choosing the right steps as needed, selecting the options from a list, and adding the right details.

What’s new in 2013?

Performing Actions

Switching between the pages and actions from the steps list is more intuitive. Swiping one of the pages opens the list of actions on that page and shows the required option at the bottom, while you can just tap on the right location. The available actions are stored in a list, allowing you to re-arrange them as needed.

Less pop-ups, more customization

We’ve given more control over the installation, by adding new features. This includes the new page select and action buttons and the import/export options.

Using Dark theme (new)

If you like the dark theme, it’s now possible to select it right from the settings page. The new Dark mode (yet not guaranteed by Microsoft) uses less energy, improves viewing and increases battery life.

Flexible page options

Sfx-Factory! now allows you to place any kind of elements on a page. You can add anything from a text, image, button, link, image list, color picker, combo box, scroll, carousel, slider, etc. The new experience allows you to show and hide elements without any hassle. You can also use a number of scroll actions, from the typical horizontal/vertical scrolling to the latest fade-in/fade-out feature.

Export to a Package

Sfx-Factory! now allows you to create packages that you can use with the application, such as iTunes. This can be done with the default package type, but you can also create a customized one. This option is located in the export to Package page.

Other changes

You can now select a page from the steps list, in case you want to switch between the different pages on the same task. Additionally, it’s now possible to use the scroll actions in the grid mode, allowing you to scroll from left to right or from top to bottom. You can also add more actions to the swiping action by re-arranging the list.

Performing Actions

Switching between the pages and actions from the steps list is more intuitive. Swiping one of the pages opens the list of actions

System Requirements:

Intel® or AMD™ compatible processor
Windows® 7/Vista/XP/8,64bit
All Requirements met!
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