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There’s an example here.

Characterization of a binding site for the homodimeric form of interleukin-6 on osteoblasts.
Interleukin-6 (IL-6) plays an important role in the regulation of bone metabolism. Although several experiments have demonstrated that recombinant IL-6 acts through the membrane receptor (IL-6R) expressed on many cell types including osteoblasts, there are no reports showing direct binding of IL-6 to bone cells. In this study, we have determined that the binding of recombinant homodimeric IL-6 (dIL-6) to mouse osteoblast-like cells (mOB) was effectively blocked by the addition of biotinylated dIL-6, which was labeled by a biotin/streptavidin system. In addition, a biotin-conjugated human IL-6 (hIL-6) also showed significant inhibitory effect. We also found that the addition of anti-IL-6R antibodies to mOB resulted in almost complete inhibition of the binding of hIL-6 and dIL-6. Furthermore, to characterize the binding site of dIL-6 on mOB, we produced four dIL-6 mutants by replacing amino acid residues in the C terminus with glycine, serine, glutamic acid, or cysteine. The resultant mutant dIL-6 proteins retained their homodimeric structure and were confirmed to be able to bind to mOB. Replacement of serine or cysteine residues in the C terminus of dIL-6 with glycine markedly inhibited the dIL-6-mOB binding. These results demonstrate that a unique binding site on mOB for dIL-6 exists. The importance of this binding site in vivo is discussed.Q:

How to send a HTTP POST to a specific port?

I’m trying to upload files to a port, but I need to know how to send the request.
The best I can do is:
>>> from urllib.request import Request, urlopen
>>> url = urlopen(”)

But how can I send the request to the actual server, instead of myhost.com?


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This program is designed to be used as a complementary tool for those who want to learn to play the guitar. It was initially designed for teaching the bass guitar but it can be used for guitar lessons as well. It has a large variety of scales, chord progressions and modes. To get started, you will first need to choose your preferred chords. These are listed out on a keyboard for quick and easy access. Keystrokes are taken from the standard music notation so you will feel right at home if you are familiar with playing guitar. Once you have selected the chords, you will find the notes in the octave(s) you want to learn. When you select a mode, you will find it in the list. When you select the note and octave in the list, it will give you the corresponding note on the neck for you to play. On the keyboard, the keyboard layout is just like that of a guitar. Each note is located on the top row and then the scales in ascending order of notes. The program will also give you feedback as you make changes. After playing a scale/chord, you can play more scales and more chords. All you have to do is simply press F2 to make the changes.
KeyMacro Features:

* Find a scale, scale chord or mode
* Print out the pattern in a file for you to print
* MIDI Library
* Transpose easily
* Supports multiple octaves
* Play list options
* Feedback

If you want to get the most out of this tool, try the other modes and use them as you wish. You will find that you can play in a variety of different styles.

Bass Guitar Mode Maker includes over 750 chord and scale patterns that you can play as you learn to play. It is the only scale learning tool that lets you get a complete set of chord and scale patterns just for your bass guitar. By using the built-in MIDI Library, you can transfer these patterns to your other instruments as well.

You can use the built-in instrument with the sound of your choice. You can choose from ten built-in instruments, or you can create your own instrument using the included MIDI Editor. Or use the included MIDI Editor to create and edit your own MIDI sequences.

Please Note:
The MIDI Editor software that comes with this product can be used with any MIDI instrument. The program can not create or edit MIDI events.

The Library contains over


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