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Key Macro: Key the WAV file according to the selected key.
The following properties are defined, the Key option will be used in all properties:

Key Mode: The key mode is used to determine which key number will be displayed. The’semitone’ method will be used, where the key is a semitone above the previous key.
Selected pitch: (optional) This is used when this key macro is used in a multikontrack configuration (down), so the key is relative to the selected key.
Selected Tempo: (optional) This is used when this key macro is used in a multikontrack configuration (down), so the key is relative to the selected key.
Selected volume: (optional) This is used when this key macro is used in a multikontrack configuration (up).

The following properties are used in combination with the key option:

Selected Key: The key number of the selected key
Selected Tempo: The tempo of the selected key.

Other Properties:

Selected Channels: The number of channels that will be processed by the macro.
Reset: If checked, the multikontrack settings will be reset.
Up Down: The up and down direction of the multikontrack settings.

Update: Re-bundles the wave file for the selected channel. If the file was previously replaced, it will be replaced again. If the file was not replaced before, the wave file will be added to the track.

UpDown: Up Down direction of the kontrack-settings.
Reset: Reset the kontrack-settings.

In the “General” section, you can also set your own names to the newly created.wav-files.

Input Method:

Macros for input files:

InputFile: Name of the input file.

Additional Settings:

Preset: The preset to use when inputting the file.

Program Category:



Additional Properties:


Use Profiles:

Use Inputs:

Use Program Settings:


Transpose: Re-sets the selected key to the specified transpose.

Convert: Changes all input files to the specified channel.

Rename: Changes the name of the input file (optional). 4f8c9c8613

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1. The software consists of 32+ unique macros that can be used for faster creation of complex documents, including any Adobe® products
2. Over 8,000 predefined functions allow you to automate repetitive tasks
3. Functions are created on the fly by splitting the text into parts
4. Macros can be downloaded and shared for free in the cloud (with VERYPDF)
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M4A format creates it’s own internal codec, so you can’t just open the files in any player without a first playback. The Converter from veryPDF X3 has a built-in playback utility that supports a range of devices, including iOS, and inbuilt conversion from AVI to MP4, WMV, MOV, DVD to AVI, and MP4.
Interface and features
The Conversion module can be accessed from the main window, and is very basic in terms of its operation. The first interface item is the popup menu to choose the desired file format, including M4A, MOV, AVI, DVD, MPG, WMV, MP4, MTS, MP3, and RKA. These are the formats available, but other ones can be added if you find other files in the source.
The main window shows the file details, and the playback page. Selecting a file launches a file with a progress bar, for the conversion, and the playback.
The main window has five tabs:

Settings and extras: This is where you can choose the conversion codec, the output device, the settings for the output file, and various other things.

Conversion: Lets you choose between AVI to AVI, M4A to M4A, and M4A to MP4, for the conversion itself.

Playback: Shows the finished files, with option to share with one or multiple email accounts, and to convert to AVI, DVD, WMV, MOV, MP3, MP4, and RKA.

Utilities: This is where you can create new files, as well as modify the ones that have already been converted.

Synchronize: Here you can select the files that you would like to synchronize, and then create a playlist for the selected files.

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