SQL CodeSecure 3.52 Crack Full Version PC/Windows 2022 [New]

SQL CodeSecure application was designed to provide ultimate protection from unauthorized creation, modification and deletion of database objects. It provides flexibility through various protection types and granularity at different protection levels.
CodeSecure comes with a full-featured auditing tool that keeps track of all changes made to your database. It provides detailed information on any action taken against any object in your database, including the computer and IP address from which a change was made, the domain user and SQL Server login responsible for the change, the exact SQL statement executed, and a lot more other information.
■ .Net Framework 2.0
■ SQL Server 2005
■ 14 days trial period







SQL CodeSecure Crack Free For PC

SQL CodeSecure Activation Code provides the following key features:
■ Unlimited number of servers
■ Autosave – Protects your database by saving every change you make on each database connection.
■ Auditing – A full-featured auditing tool that keeps track of all changes made to your database.
■ Audit trails – The audit trails enable you to restore the audit log of a specific object in case of database corruption.
■ Multi-tenant capability – CodeSecure supports multiple SQL Server instances across multiple
■ Windows.
■ Database-level permissions – CodeSecure provides database-level permission setting for various database objects.
■ Object-level permission – Permit access to various database objects by assigning different permissions
■ System-level permissions – CodeSecure provides system-level permission setting for the SQL Server.
■ Security auditing – Provides auditing of SQL statements executed against your database.
■ Limited built-in functions
■ Supports only SQL Server 2005.
■ Uses 10MB of space on the hard disk.
■ “Start free trial” button is disabled.
■ Limited number of registered users.
■ Requires SQL Server 2005 or higher.
■ You can monitor every single object’s changes made to your database with the SQL CodeSecure Crack For Windows auditing tool.
■ Create auditing groups and set up permissions for them. You can then restrict certain changes for auditing groups.
■ Can’t be used in a web-based application.
■ Can’t be used for distributed SQL Server instances.
■ Can’t be used with BI edition of SQL Server.
■ Auditing is disabled after the free trial expires.

If you’re looking for a great tool to protect SQL Server, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2000/2003 and SQL Server 2005 databases, then Version Security is the right choice.
Version Security is a new version of V-Guard that is fully integrated with SQL Server 2005 (or SQL Server 2000). Version Security is a fully distributed database protection solution. It is possible to detect a remote access to a SQL Server database and prevents unauthorized access to the database. Version Security includes a number of components and more than 15 database management and data access features.
■ Code protection – Prevents unauthorized access to your database from any computer running

SQL CodeSecure Crack+ Serial Key Free Download

In SQL CodeSecure database applications are protected with strong authentication and authorization.
With SQL CodeSecure you can enjoy the following :
■ Extends the Trusted Connection Model using Active Directory
■ Can connect to Windows SQL Server using AD credentials
■ Can connect to SQL Server with SQL Server Logins
■ Can enforce security through permissions
■ Can restrict the ability to view rows of data or edit/modify database objects
■ Can audit all database changes made to any object in your database
■ Security is enforced on each object based on the role of the user when object is created. i.e. only users with the [Read] permission on a table or procedure can view that table or the procedure’s definition.
■ You can enable auditing and detailed information are available for any database change.
■ You can set SQL Server login permissions, based on user role, for any database object.
■ You can enforce table-level or procedure-level security, based on user role when the object is created.
■ You can grant or deny users access to your application based on their AD or SQL Server login name, i.e. “this user can access the application but not that user”.
■ You can change the audit trail using a Windows application or SQL.
■ You can integrate with your own authentication system, Windows or SQL Server.
■ You can create a user interface for end-user to define permissions and access controls.
■ You can check if the user has the required permissions.
■ You can create multiple user interfaces to different sets of users, but they all have to use the same application for making database changes.
■ You can control access by object, table, column, procedure, function and view.
■ You can assign users to different roles and let users choose different roles on the fly.
■ You can restrict access to your application, i.e. “only if a user is logged in, then she can log in and view this application”.
■ You can lock database to prevent changes, but ensure that SQL Server remains in a consistent state for the users.
■ You can audit all database activity, to monitor who did what in your database.
■ You can lock records in your database and audit

SQL CodeSecure Crack + (April-2022)

SQL CodeSecure is the BEST tool for protecting your SQL Server and saving you the risk of data theft and identity theft.
It makes it very easy to protect different objects within your SQL Server like database, table, views, stored procedures, foreign keys, triggers and views as well as SQL objects like input parameters, output parameters and temporary table.

Standard Data + Security Platform
SQL CodeSecure is an easy-to-use, powerful tool for hardening your SQL Server database. This tool comes with a wide variety of protection functions such as:
– Monitoring SQL Server Activity
– Monitoring All SQL Server Connections
– Monitoring New Created Objects
– Monitoring Deleted Objects
– Monitoring Triggers
– Monitoring DDL Statements
– Monitoring Key Vulnerabilities
– Monitoring Exceptions
– Monitoring Stored Procs
– Monitoring Stored Triggers
– Database Protection
– User Management
– Partitioning
– Replication Management
– Insert Trigger
– Trigger Testing
– Data Manipulation

RPD Plus+ Platform
RPD is an advanced development framework for.NET applications. It adds an additional layer of abstraction to the.NET code and gives you control over the runtime execution of your application.

SQL ReadBackup is a Windows Console that can read a SQL Server backup. No other tools are needed. The backup file will be read and the original database table will be restored back to the same database server and database. More…

Delemere SQL Secure Collection
Delemere SQL Secure Collection
Delemere SQL Secure Collection is a management solution that helps users who store, secure, and recover SQL Server databases. If you want to automatically prevent unauthorized access to SQL Server databases without compromising the security of SQL Server administrators or your database users, Delemere SQL Secure Collection is the best choice for you.
With this great tool, you can manage multiple SQL Servers from one single computer. You can easily backup, restore, test, recover, secure, and monitor your SQL Server databases. It includes the following capabilities:
• Backup: Allow you to easily back up all your SQL Servers from one local or network disk. You can restore the backup to any server and database.
• Restore: Restore database backups to a SQL Server or any SQL Server database. You can recover from any database corruption and recover your SQL Server database without data loss.
• Test: Identify possible problems in your SQL Server database.
• Monitor: Stay updated with the

What’s New in the?

SQL CodeSecure gives you an excellent set of tools to protect SQL Server databases. SQL CodeSecure will protect your databases against unauthorized modification and protects data types by encrypting passwords. SQL CodeSecure will also protect IP addresses that are used to connect to the database. SQL CodeSecure will also protect databases against the information disclosure of passwords and stored logins. It will also provide protection against SQL injections and SQL theft. SQL CodeSecure does not come with a cost. SQL CodeSecure is completely free! You can download SQL CodeSecure at

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Currently SQL SERVER is up to date with the latest edition.

What’s New in Latest Version?
– Add all SQL types (datetime, bool, int, char, nchar, varchar) at database level
– Set session Timeout (1 hour)
– Change SSIS Package password
– Improve the Administration tool to allow user to change the Password of all databases
– Send email when an event is triggered:
– The notification email send when another user attempt to login the admin for multiple times.
– The notification email send when database owner make changes such as ALTER DATABASE permission set, change the password of the database, add/delete user/group.
– Add the password for existing user in the recovery mode
– Export user password to a text file format that is easier to read in recovery mode.
– Add The Add/delete Users in the recovery mode
– Update the admin tools to make it easier to manage users, change their password, in the admin tool.
– Add the Detailed information of user account (email address, password, User name, etc.) and the user account that has not been removed after removing of user from the database, restore the database, etc.
– Add the Auto reset after each session termination (logout/close connection)
– Add the User/group settings window to allow a user to define their own custom setting for their User groups
– Add the Default values for database parameters
– Allow a user to define default settings for database parameters.
– Add the ability to define the default value for database parameters.
– Add the ability to add new credential (SQL Server Login and Windows Credential) in the configuration file.
– Add a simple web server that will make the Administration tool available locally.
– Add

System Requirements For SQL CodeSecure:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo or AMD Phenom™ X3
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: DirectX 9-capable graphics card
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Processor: Intel® Core™2 Quad or AMD Phenom™ X4
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: DirectX 10-capable graphics card
DirectX: Version


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