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Steilto2 With Key Free [Mac/Win]







Steilto2 Crack Activator [Win/Mac] [Latest-2022]

-A Simple’server -> client’ application
-Can run on a PC with only 1 or 2 mb of RAM
-Can run on a 386 with 50 users
-No need to purchase anything to make it work
-As of August, 2008 Steilto2 Full Crack will run under Windows XP.
-As of February, 2007 Steilto2 can run under Windows Vista and Windows 7.
-Steilto2 does not use a MS SQL based server. This is why it will work on Linux.
-The Steilto2 Server is “Free Software” as are all of the components.
-Steilto2 is not a Religion. There is no grand cosmological plan or a commitment to any religion or not. Steilto2 is a fun project that grew into a complex system that has many people using it.
-Steilto2 is a closed source application.
-Steilto2 is Free Software as is everything included.
-Steilto2 is Open Source.
-Steilto2 is Free as in the Law.

Newbie Questions:
Steilto2 is a Steil-To-2 program. What is Steil-To-2?
Steil-To-2 is the English translation of a Dutch word that means ‘Steil-to-two-feet-apart’.

Steil-To-2 has three options for using the message system. These are:
1> Use the Server to send messages to all other user on the network.
2> Use the client to send messages to the server and then to other clients
3> Use the client to send messages to any or all clients.
For the purposes of this document, the messages will be sent from the server to all clients. The fact that is can be “read” by the client makes no difference to the server.

How do I use the Server?
The Steilto2 Server application is a Windows 32-bit GUI program written using Microsoft Visual C++.
You can download the source code from this site:

Steilto2 Crack + (LifeTime) Activation Code For PC (Updated 2022)

Steilto2 is a small, fast and Free packet oriented messaging program. It is mostly used for private communication on a LAN, but works just as well over the Internet, so long as a connection is available.
The server is configurable, allowing you to store up to 400 different users. Each user has a unique ID, which can be displayed on the client to identify them when sending messages.
The server can be set up to autoreconnect to the clients if they go offline.
Each user also has a list of friends. Users can send messages to each other, as well as send messages to the server and other users. Messages are sent in a secure way, by enciphering them in so-called “packets”. Only the sender and the receiver need to have access to the key, making communications very secure.
The server will not send messages to any user who has not been notified to receive them, or to the server.
Messages can be sent from the server or from a client. The server is configurable, allowing you to store messages up to 256kb in size.
Users can create messages in their own time, and configure the server to enable them.
More information can be found on the website.
The server – Steilto2 WebFront end:
When a client PC establishes a connection to the server, it gets two “windows”.
1> The main window shows the current active chat room. A user can change between chat rooms by clicking on the small menu at the top left of the window.
2> The smaller window is for user notifications. Users can log into the server and add friends from the “Friend Form” which appears on the notification window (if the user has enabled the notification window) when they login.
To add users to the server, use the form at the bottom of the page

Need Help?
As well as the main Steilto2 page there is a forum page:

Where you can get support for the program.


I never found a decent alternative to MSN since I’m still using it for messenger.
But I’m fond of the Yahoo Messenger and Gnutella network communities, and since I’ve found Steilto2 is the messenger I was looking for I thought I’d share my experience.

You can sign up for Yahoo messenger without any doubt. There’s no

Steilto2 Crack+ Registration Code Free [32|64bit] [Updated]

Steilto2 is a small, fun, fast and Free LAN (TCP/IP) messenger program.
The Steilto2 suite uses a server -> client approach to messaging. These two programs are included in the steilto2 Suite:
1> The Server. One PC on the network.
2> The Client. Any number of other PCs on the network. (limit 400)
Steilto2 is a secure application that doesn’t open any unnecessary ports to the “outside” world. As compared to internet chat applications, Steilto2 is much more secure. Messages are sent in encrypted format from the client application – so traffic can not be “hijacked” and read by other applications.
The Client application resides in the system tray of the host PC and pops up when a message arrives, it is very light on resources utilized by the PC and totally unobtrusive to the regular work that the users is doing. The user can configure the client to his personal settings including the: “do not disturb”, “no popup” etc etc.
The Server application and indeed the total setup can be completed in less than 5 minutes. there literally is zero learning curve. Also it should be pointed out that the server can be run on “tiny” PC’s. We have used ours on a 386 (ancient) PC with 50 users connected; the application is very light.
We created “Steilto2” for fun and to this effect we have included two network games – Poker and NetNax. When you have connected to the server you can play network Poker and NetNax with other users on network. (obviously Poker is Poker!! ; NetNax is a version of battleships.) Also included are funny sounds that can be sent from one user to another and other fun stuff.
1> Steilto2 is a secure application that doesn’t open any unnecessary ports to the “outside” world.
2> Steilto2 supports both LAN and Internet connections.
3> Steilto2 supports both text and image messages
4> Steilto2 supports multi-server access.
5> Steilto2 supports instant message typing.
6> Steilto2 supports screen images.
7> Steilto2 supports voice over the net!
8> Steilto2 supports voice over the local network!
9> Steilto2 supports protocol override for multiplayer games!

What’s New in the?

The Steilto2 Installation Guide on this website can be used for basic installation. It is quite complete and can be used for others who want to write their own applications or add to the steilto2 suite.
However as Steilto2 is Free Software (the source can be viewed on the server (post #2.)) you can do “all kinds” of alterations to the code. This includes “adding” new modes of chatting etc.
There is a ready made Win32 EXE executable installer version of steilto2 also available, but the source code and related files are also available for the source (post #2.)
Please note, there are two versions of the application:
Steilto2 for Win32.
Steilto2 for Source.
Both applications have been tested and are known to work well. Both are equally functional.
There are several ways to get the source to compile your own application. Two methods have been mentioned here.
1> From the Steilto2 website’s download area.
2> Obtain the source on the Steilto2 website.
I am not going to make a “help” page for Steilto2.
I have mentioned the Steilto2 website at the bottom of both posts.
And I did a “how-to” on the steilto2 website (post #2.)
The Steilto2 website also has a section on some things that people have done to Steilto2.
(Most of these have nothing to do with Steilto2 itself. It is simply their efforts at what they saw as “customization.”)
I have also mentioned in post #2, that there is a Steilto2 forum.
(The server admin can also get the source code for you.)
As for the source code being on the server there is a good reason for it. There is a Linux version of Steilto2 on the server and on my PC. This is the source code that I’ve been using. So in some way it is better to let someone else do the compiling. Also the code is available for you to look at on the server – so that you can contribute to the development.
But of course you can compile steilto2 yourself. I will simply add this to this post – if you want to compile steilto2 from

System Requirements For Steilto2:

Product name :
Death Reunion
Minimum system requirements :
OS : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
CPU : Intel or AMD Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5
Memory : 3 GB RAM
Graphics : DirectX 9.0 compatible
Hard Drive : 25 GB available space
Sound Card : DirectX compatible sound card
Additional Notes:
Death Reunion Installer
To install, right-click the.exe file and choose Run as Administrator.

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