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Super PDF Editor Free Lite Full Version [April-2022]

Most PDF editing apps are all-in-one tools that can help you speed up whatever modification you want to apply. The same goes for Super PDF Editor Free Lite, a user-friendly solution that can meet most of your needs in terms of PDF adjustments.
Visually appealing GUI
The main window of Super PDF Editor Free Lite is organized in tabs, so you get a clear picture of the functions it supports. It goes without saying that you need to start by creating a list of source files, while keeping in mind that password-protected PDF files are not successfully processed until you enter the corresponding password.
As soon as you have added documents to the list, you can re-arrange them as you see fit by moving them up or down using the dedicated buttons.
Supports basic editing operations
You can create a file renaming pattern that should be applied to all output files and you can specify the prefix, format and suffix. When compressing your files, you can select the type of contents you need: images, pages, fonts or everything.
You get the possibility to extract certain pages found in a specific range, only odd pages or only even ones, then define the rotation angle that best suits your necessities. You can also merge all the selected pages and add an extra blank one if the total page count is odd.
When it comes to splitting your PDF file, the only option you get is to split it by a number of user-defined pages.
To wrap it up
In a nutshell, even if Super PDF Editor Free Lite does not impress you with its neat and straightforward looks, its easy-to-understand features are bound to make up for it. No technical skills are required and you can process multiple PDF files in a single go, thus saving a lot of time.


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Super PDF Editor Free Lite Crack+ Download For PC [March-2022]

Super PDF Editor Free Lite is a useful, free and easy-to-use PDF editing app, which enables you to create PDF files with new content in just a couple of clicks.
In this free, Open Source app you can:
1. All content inside PDF files, including passwords, can be processed with few clicks.
2. A lot of optional settings are provided, enabling to create a PDF file with a different background color, changing the font and adding or removing the watermark.
3. To create a new PDF, choose the input file type, add content, change the type and theme of the font, select the orientation of the text and set the style of the frame.
4. Use the built-in PDF compression which offers you a high compression ratio.
5. You can add your own favorite pictures to PDF files, and even choose to merge content from several files.
6. Create PDF files online with a selectable range of pages.
7. Sort files by page number and page name.
8. Merge or split a PDF file by many ranges of pages.
9. Choose to include or exclude pages, and control the order in which pages in the PDF are built, as well as the size of the output file.
10. Set the format of the PDF documents.
11. Add a password to your PDF documents and use it to protect your files against unauthorized access.
12. Edit file size, location and publisher using text boxes.
13. Extract pages from the PDF file and keep the original structure with the help of this feature.
14. Choose text encoding.
15. Change the margins and size.
16. Use the built-in validation feature to check for the correctness of the file.
17. Apply or remove a watermark.
18. Adjust individual text and graphics styles.
19. Pick a color from a palette and change its shade using a range of intensities.
20. Specify the screen resolution and fit page contents to the screen.
21. Choose whether the position and zoom of the tool bar should be fixed.
22. A…

As one of the best free PDF editor for Mac, PDF Editor software that can effectively support you in editing PDF files, including deleting, adding, changing, merging, splitting, flipping, translating and rotating pages.

Convert DOC, DOCX, RTF, EPUB, HTML, PDF files, generate PDF files, print or batch print

Super PDF Editor Free Lite Free Download

Super PDF Editor Free Lite is an advanced tool that can help you modify and change the content of a variety of files including PDFs.

PDF Graphics Editor (Software)
Description: Superior PDF Editor is a multifunctional and easy-to-use application that can enhance the unique power of Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Acrobat.
With Superior PDF Editor, you can edit and re-arrange existing PDF files, extract/copy/paste pages from PDF files and change PDF file properties.
The PDF file comes with a cover page, a title page, a table of contents, a list of contents, bookmarks, font properties, pages tree, styles, cross-reference tables, hyperlinks, images, text frames and many other features.
Key features:
1. Create Cover Page:
A cover page is an attractive empty page in a PDF file. It can be set to be the front page of the document, the first page of a chapter, a title page, or any page of your choice.
2. Create Page Numbers:
You can add page numbers at the bottom of your document by using the Page Numbers feature of Superior PDF Editor.
3. Change PDF Properties:
With our PDF Tools, you can edit the title, author, keywords, page properties, appendix, and other information from the properties panel.
4. Re-arrange PDF Pages:
You can re-arrange PDF pages by dragging them, removing or adding pages to the existing pages of the PDF file.
5. Merge PDF Pages:
You can merge PDF pages by combining multiple PDF pages into one.
6. Split PDF Pages:
You can split PDF pages into individual pages to make PDF files smaller and easier to read.
Superior PDF Editor Supports All Major Windows and Most Portable Document Formats!
It can support all major Windows and all major portable document formats like MS Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel,..), HTML, PS, PPT, RTF, EPUB, CHM, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF, RAW, PDF, SWF, WMV, ZIP, MIF, and much more!
Can read or modify the HTML content of an HTML page or convert any document formats to a PDF format in one single click!
You can also extract the data from a Word, Excel, Powerpoint, HTML or any PDF file into a TXT or CSV format in

Super PDF Editor Free Lite Crack License Key

Super PDF Editor Free Lite is a powerful & intuitive PDF editor which allows you to edit your PDF document, has a very simple and user-friendly interface. It supports various functions, such as text modification, image insertion, watermarking and merging, and so on. You can also split PDF, copy and mirror PDF pages. Besides, it also has a lot of professional features, for example you can create a file renaming pattern that should be applied to all output files.
Key Features:
Split PDF into pages
Merge PDF and images
Split PDF into images
Merge PDF and images
Create PDF file renaming pattern
Add watermark image
Edit PDF text
Include text in an image
Copy the selected pages
Reorder PDF pages
Rotation option
Rotate PDF Pages
Rectangle cropping
Rotate PDF Pages
Rotate PDF Pages
Duplicate PDF
Duplicate PDF Pages
Remove duplicate PDF Pages
Delete PDF
Deleted PDF Pages
Duplicate PDF Pages
Duplicate PDF Pages
Duplicate PDF Pages
Merge PDF
Merge PDF Pages
Sort by page or file name
Add space in a PDF file
Adjust page size
Adjust page width
Adjust page height
Set page margins
Print PDF Page
Page orientation
Create PDF File
Print PDF Page
Generate PDF from File
Send PDF by Email
Save to Output Folder
PDF to JPG converter
Merge PDF
Merge PDF
Merge PDF
Split PDF
Split PDF into Pages
Split PDF by range of pages
Split PDF into Pages by range
Split PDF into pages by range
Split PDF Pages by range
Split PDF Pages by range
Split PDF by Pages by range
Split PDF Pages by range
Split PDF by pages by range
Split PDF by pages by range
Split PDF into pages by range
Split PDF into pages by range
Split PDF by Pages by range
Split PDF by Pages by range
Split PDF by pages by range
Split PDF into pages by range
Split PDF Pages by range
Split PDF Pages by range
Split PDF by Pages by range
Split PDF by Pages by range
Split PDF by pages by range
Split PDF by Pages by range
Split PDF by Pages by range
Split PDF by Pages by range
Split PDF by pages by range
Split PDF Pages by range
Split PDF Pages by range
Split PDF by Pages by range
Split PDF by pages by range
Split PDF Pages by

What’s New In?

* Advanced PDF Tools
* Free to try
* Simple to use
Why choose Super PDF Editor Free Lite:
– Create PDF files from any source
– Rename PDF files
– View PDF files
– Extract PDF files
– Split PDF files into sections
– Merge PDF files
– Combine PDF files
– Display images from PDF files
– Extract pages from PDF files
– Enable password for PDF files
– Merge PDF files into one PDF file

PDF Creator Lite description:
As a professional editor, does the hard work for you. It converts your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image files to PDF and also let you open and print the PDF file. Preview and edit the PDF file after the conversion, so you can easily modify the PDF pages. You can preview, print, email or copy the PDF file to any other computer.

PDF Editor Lite description:
ABCpdf Editor Lite has been designed to help you to quicken and speed up a lot of PDF editing tasks. The purpose is to let a novice user to quickly edit and create a PDF file. The program comes with several features like viewing, analyzing and modifying a PDF file. The user can view an existing PDF document, see the contents of a PDF file in detail, and edit and add text to files. Using the advanced features, it can also decrypt the PDF files with a password to open the PDF file.

PDF Editor description:
PDF editor is easy to use the great program pdf editor allows you to modify any PDF file. To open your PDF file, you need first to read the document and then decide if you want to edit it.

PDF Editor Lite description:
An easy-to-use software tool designed for the purpose of editing PDF. You can use a batch processing method to modify a large number of PDF documents. Editing operations, including cut, copy, paste, rotate, increase size or number of pages are available. It can automatically set the document password to open the PDF documents. With PDF editor, you can make PDF documents better.

PDF Editor Lite description:
How to edit PDF files? PDF Editor is very easy to edit the PDF file, and it can modify PDF documents, making it more convenient to edit the files. It offers various features, such as display, merge, split, copy and move. The functions are very intuitive and easy to operate. It is an easy-to-use PDF management tool.

PDF Editor Lite description:

System Requirements:

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1
4GB of RAM
640MB of available hard-disk space
A video-card with at least 512MB of dedicated VRAM
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