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This is a DM-Link utility that allows you to send files using an external PC. This sends the selected files over a serial port to the external PC. The files are send using the popular keymacro file transfer protocol, but the only thing you need to send the file is the file name. The PC must be put into Receive Mode for sending.
– Allows for sequential sends over serial port.
– Has an option to abort sends from either mode.
– Allows the user to set the port, speed and the number of contiguous CRC retries.
– With the GM-Link options dialog, users can set the D/L connect option, and the port number.
– Does not require any special setup/installation on the receiving computer.
– Stores the send file information in a file, and allows the user to resend files.
– Will not use too much of your system resources and will not impact any other running programs.
– Very simple to use.
– Good for sending large files or sending large number of files.
– Stores the data in a.lnk file.
– Easy to send files from an external PC.
Version 1.0(Initial release)
0.15a – Updated data messages to place the data in.lnk files.
0.15 – Fixed a few bugs.
Version 0.14b
Fixed some bugs.
Version 0.14 – Made some updates.
Version 0.13b
The problem with the DLL setting on the sending computer was fixed.
Version 0.13 – Updated link style.
Version 0.12b
Added link type to TXT and URL data messages.
Version 0.12 – Moved DLL file to the DM-Link exe file.
Version 0.11 – It is now possible to send files by name instead of title.
Version 0.10 – Fixed a bug.
Version 0.09 – Changed the link style to accomodate newer versions of Windows.
Version 0.08 – Added some debug messages to the program.
Version 0.07 – Now have the program display the date and time when the file was last modified.
Version 0.06 – Now when sendfiles is called from send mode it will be in receive mode.
Version 0.05 – Now only allow one sendfiles call at a time.
Version 0.04 – Now has a read file dialog. 70238732e0

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Macro for recording all of your keyboard presses into a video file. KEYMACRO features automation, variable speeds, and many different clip lengths. KEYMACRO is compatible with any system and requires no admin rights. For more information, see

Utilities To Make Your Windows 10 PC Run Faster And Get Back Up Time Back

I am assuming you know that Windows 10 runs on a hyper-fast CPU, a 4 GB of RAM, and a fast SSD and HD. But did you know that you can use utilities to increase the speed and get back some up time lost to your PC?
With these utilities, your Windows 10 PC will run faster and save you time.
You can use any of the applications listed below on any version of Windows 10 or on Windows 7 or Windows 8.
1. SSD SpeedUp 8.1.0
2. SSD QuickSpeed 2.6.0
3. iCoputerSpeedup 2.9.6
4. iCoputerSpeedup FREE 3.0.0
5. iCoputerSpeedup 4.3.3
6. iCoputerSpeedup 4.3.5
7. iCoputerSpeedup 4.3.6
8. iCoputerSpeedup 4.3.8
9. iCoputerSpeedup 4.3.10
10. iCoputerSpeedup 4.4.0
11. iCoputerSpeedup 4.4.2
12. iCoputerSpeedup 4.4.4
13. iCoputerSpeedup 4.4.6
14. iCoputerSpeedup 4.4.8
15. iCoputerSpeedup 5.0.0
16. iCoputerSpeedup 5.0.0a
17. iCoputerSpeedup 5.0.0a
18. iCoputerSpeedup 5.0.0a
19. iCoputerSpeedup 5.0.0a
20. iCoputerSpeedup 5.0.1
21. iCoputerSpeedup 5.0.2
22. iCoputerSpeedup 5.0.3
23. iCoputerSpeedup 5.0.4
24. iCoputerSpeedup 5.0.5
25. iCoputerSpeedup 5.1.0


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