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KeyMACRO is a Windows utility that allows users to use MAC (Media Access Control) addresses to access computers on the network. Typically, such MAC addresses are used for computers running under a Microsoft operating system.
The program runs as a service, and enables you to use the entered MAC addresses to access networked computers as if they were located on your local network. This makes it very useful for remote users who would like to access network-attached computers without being directly connected to it.
The major advantage of KeyMACRO is that the entered MAC addresses remain valid, and can be re-used, as long as the computer they were originally used to access remains on the network. The program allows you to access computers by various means, including:
– Direct access to the remote computer (if it is using the same IP address)
– Through the website
– Through the software Psiphon
– Through a web browser through a web proxy
The software is very easy to use, and its instructions are easy to understand. It has a logical interface that is easy to navigate. The large fonts make it very readable even when using it on small screens.
The program does not have a real user manual, but it does contain a help feature, which is displayed when the program is launched. The help feature is accessed by clicking on the question mark button in the top-right corner of the window.
KeyMACRO is a very useful and efficient program that will definitely come in handy.

KeyMACRO – A MUST HAVE Windows utility if you want to access any remote computer!


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MKV to AVI Video Converter is a small Windows application designed specifically for helping you convert MKV files to AVI file format using batch processing operations.
Simple looks
The main panel is quite plain and embeds only a few configuration settings to play with. Files can be added in the working environment using the built-in browse button, so you cannot rely on the drag-and-drop support.
Conversion capabilities
MKV to AVI Video Converter gives you the possibility to build up a list with the videos that you want to convert, check out details about each one (file path, size, and status), and remove the selected items or clear the entire list with just one click.
What’s more, you are allowed to pick the saving directory, open the target location directly from the main panel, as well as play sound notifications and shut down the computer the end of the task. Batch processing is on the feature list, which means you are able to convert multiple videos at the same time.
Tests have shown that MKV to AVI Video Converter carries out a task pretty quickly and provides very good output results. It doesn’t eat up a lot of CPU and memory, so the overall performance of the computer is not affected.
Where it falls short
On the downside, you cannot alter the video parameters in terms of codec, bitrate, ratio, and size, and make use of a video player in order to play, pause or stop the video selection.
Bottom line
All things considered, MKV to AVI Video Converter comes bundled with basic features for helping you convert MKV files to AVI file format at the same time.Q:

Scheduled Jobs: do they work on a server or client?

I’ve just been introduced to this, and I don’t quite understand it. The explanation I’ve been given is that scheduled jobs run on the client, which makes sense. However, I’ve also been told that the status of the job is also held on the client. What confuses me is that it seems counter-intuitive that the server wouldn’t be able to see what the client is doing in a scheduled job. It also seems counter-intuitive that the status of a job is held on the client, because then the server wouldn’t know what’s going on with the job, if it’s not running on the client.
So is the client responsible for the scheduling of


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