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Create, edit and open Macro when any of your keys are pressed and released.
Macro Name: (An optional name)
KeyCodes: (optional, if you wish to use Keyboard Shortcut for moving to the next Macro)
The extension will allow you to create a Macro that will be activated whenever you press and hold down the desired key.
In the settings section, you can set a description, key code and location for the created Macro.
The extension will help you create a Macro when you press a specific key, like say CTRL + Space bar combo.
The extension will help you edit a macro when you click on it’s name in the Macro list, and it will appear on the keyboard with the shortcut you defined.
With the default settings, you can create a macro which will be triggered when you press a key on the keyboard.
This macro can be used to perform any actions with the keyboard, such as:
Save a File from File menu,
Open a URL from the URL Bar and so on.
NOTE: You can create a Macro of any of your choice.
You can simply create a Macro which will be triggered when you press and hold down a specific key, and the extension will take care of the rest.
JavaScript is required.
Placeholder for shortcuts:
A Placeholder is a shortcut to a certain Macro, you can use to load or save a Macro, you created.
KeyCodes(Use this to access any existing Macro you created)
Plugin Categories:

Web Formatter is an extension which can be used to format HTML code on the fly.
The extension comes with a simple user interface that allows you to apply various HTML formatting options, from font, sizes, colors, borders, to even JavaScript and CSS.
It also provides a ton of online resources that can be used to learn more about HTML coding.
There is no need for the user to understand the underlying coding of the HTML, Web Formatter does the job for you and it doesn’t take much space on the users’ browser.
Fully customizable color schemes
Support for many formatters and file types
Printed, formatted and copied to clipboard
Completely free
No limitations to use
Easily installed
Extension Type:

Firefox user can now enable or disable JavaScript on a per-tab basis.
Open the 70238732e0

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1) Hold down space to fast-forward.
2) Hold down arrow to rewind.
3) Hold down left arrow to pause.
4) Hold down right arrow to play.
5) Hold down left mouse button to mute.
6) Hold down right mouse button to unmute.
7) Open pause, start, stop, speed, and volume buttons to navigate directly to the relevant setting.
8) Click the main button to open preferences.
9) Click the play button to open the recording buffer.

17-07-2017 – Madlibs Revolution
Description: Madlibs is a fun music game with cards, for iOS and Android!
Relive the golden age of hip hop with Madlibs Revolution!
Built around a fun and addictive card game, this app lets you play around with friends on your iOS or Android device.
The game features amazing audio content. New remixes and instrumental versions are added with each new update. Players can also create songs using original or remix content.
Players can build up an entire music library of original songs, and then remix the songs they create with the whole library of content!
Madlibs is not limited to audio content, as it includes visual elements as well. Players can build up sets of cards and make animated GIFs of their favorite songs!
The game comes with a card library including over 50,000 original Madlibs sounds, cards, sounds and animations!
Players can also make their own content by remixing individual sounds or entire songs, which will then appear as part of their library.
Madlibs contains a variety of social features. Players can share their creations with friends on social media via the app.
Players can also compete with friends to see who can accumulate the highest score!
Madlibs comes with an offline mode for those who want to play even when they’re offline, and of course, it works both on iOS and Android.
Madlibs Revolution Features:
► Simple and Fun Gameplay!
Madlibs is a simple card game and music game. Using one or two fingers, tap or swipe the cards to play.
► Audio and Visual Content!
New content is added with each update of the app. You can enjoy musical and visual content created by the Madlibs team, as well as content created by players.
► Original Sounds and Cards!
Madlibs comes with over 50,


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