Ken Powell Guitars

Ken Powell now lives and works in Llanwyddn in Montgomeryshire, Wales, having moved from the Peak District. A longstanding player of acoustic guitar Ken started building them about 15 years ago.

As a semi-professional musician for many years with a successful band called Risky Business, Ken knows a thing or two about building quality instruments.

Ken has spent a lot of time researching and studying, trying to find the optimal construction and design to evolve an instrument that suits the serious picker. Ken builds a variety of instruments including a full size guitar, a mid size guitar, a small body guitar, a guitar shaped Mandola or Octave Mandolin and a guitar shaped ten string Cittern.

Ken has developed his own guitar design and bracing constructions to deliver superb tone and volume. Take a look at his website where he goes into detail about the construction and you’ll quickly find he knows his stuff!

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