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Mathias Herbst

Mathias Herbst is the Master luthier and designer. Having gained a Bsc and Masters degree in Musical Instrument Technology at London Guildhall and London Metropolitan Universities Mathias has set up his own guitar making and repair workshop. Prior to this he worked in Denmark Street, London for several years, building and repairing guitars for BJ & Byrne and Wunjo Guitars.
Mat builds truly custom instruments and he welcomes your ideas and choice of timber and will guide you on appropriate design considerations.

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  • Good afternoon. I am hoping to locate a Luthier able to assess and carry out some work on my, very beautiful, Timberline acoustic guitar, which is not sounding in tune once standard tuned across the strings. I did have a guy look at it who services guitar but he believes it needs the care of a proper Luthier. He has done me a short report that I can share if you are able to consider carrying out the work for me? Many thanks for your consideration. I am living in Hampshire, UK.

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