Midlands United Kingdom

Munro Hand Built Guitars

Iain worked as a biology lecturer, but has always had an interest in
woodwork. This interest was developed by taking part-time cabinet
making and furniture restoration courses at the London College of
On retirement, after moving to Nottinghamshire, he was attracted in
2014 by the part-time guitar making course at Newark College. Guitar
building quickly became an addiction and he attended the course for 5
years working on several guitar projects under the guidance of Adrian
Lucas. These included Torres and Friederich style and lattice braced
classical guitars and 00 Martin style steel string guitars including one
with a Florentine cutaway and laminated neck.
Iain will make a guitar in woods to a customer’s order but prefers to use
European and N American hardwoods, especially sustainable species
e.g. maple, pear and recycled rather than new tropical hardwoods.

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