Vintage & Traditional Guitars

My name is Bob Chaffer, based near Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK. I have worked and trained with professional Luthiers for some time, which I continue to do, and recently set up my own workshop for guitar preparation, setup, and repairs.

Visiting my website, you will quickly appreciate that my main interest is in affordable Vintage Guitars, ranging from USA made originals from the 1930s to the 1970s, such as Harmony and Kay, to Japanese made quality guitars based on the established model designs originated by the principal USA makers, such as Martin, Gibson and Guild, but with a particular specialisation in the Harmony made Stella Blues Guitars.

More recently produced instruments, which maintain the theme of traditional styling, are not excluded, and I regularly offer various other guitar types, including Classical/Spanish & Flamenco Guitars, 12 String and Tenor (4 string) Guitars, 3/4 Size/Terz Guitars, Resonator/Dobro Guitars, and Mandolins.

You are welcome to come here and try out guitars, by prior arrangement, and being my own boss in terms of time-allocation, I am not restricted to “shop hours”. Also happy to look at guitars you may wish to sell or part-exchange, or to advise on setup/repair problems, and I can also sell your guitar on your behalf, on a pre-agreed Commission + expenses basis.

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