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Steve Barker

I started fixing guitars when I had a second hand guitar business in Afflecks, Manchester and I got hundreds of guitars that needed sorting out before they could be sold. I found I was doing a better job of sorting them out than the shops I was commissioning to do the work. I taught myself all aspects of repair ‘on-the-job’. I got into refinishing guitars with crazy paint jobs and relic finishes. These guitars are now in collections from the Isle of Skye to New York.

I accept all kind of work from re-stringing, set-ups, refrets, electrical repairs, paint chip repairs, to full overhaul.

Call or message me through the website to arrange an appointment.


  • Hi,

    I am looking for someone that can fir a Roland GK-KIT-GT3 MIDI pickup to my Epiphone Nighhawk. I originally had a luthier lined up but they have decided that despite me buying the kit as requested, they don’t now want to to do the job.

    Hopefully this is something that you could do for me.

    It may well need routing a new control cavity, or the existing one extending.

    THanks for reading.



  • Hi i have always wanted to build a aluminium resonator guitar for myself which i have done but i would like to have it set up by someone that knows what they are doing as i have put it all together it’s for slide playing as well sounds really nice. Tony

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