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John Marlow Stringed Instruments

John Marlow Instruments

John Marlow is a builder, repairer and customizer of stringed instruments. He makes a wide range of folk instruments including Mandolins, Mandolas, Lutes, Violins and guitars. John believes that only by keeping production small, and knowing each instrument intimately from start to finish, can he create work with the quality response and “feel” that the discerning musician expects. To this end each piece of carefully chosen and seasoned timber is individually worked by hand to achieve the best possible tone and aesthetic balance.
John is enthusiastic about the tone potential of native English woods such as Yew, Sycamore and Walnut, which appear not only in his acoustic instruments but also in his range of Electric Guitars, Fiddles, Mandolas and Mandolins. John is aware of his responsibility when using exotic and home grown timbers for instrument making and reinvests in various tree planting and forestry projects.
All of John’s instruments are available with transducers, inlays and Hardware to the customer’s specifications. He also offers a customising service for all stringed instruments, from re-sprays to set-ups, and any modifications required.

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