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Steve Toon Guitars

Speciality: Makes Guitars Web: www.toonguitars.com Phone: 07810 752342 Email: guitars@toonguitars.co.uk Address: 33 Green Street, Brockworth, Gloucestershire, GL3 4LU Opening Hours:
Steve Toon Guitars

For some 25 years Steve has been building Classical guitars and more recently Jazz guitars alongside a career in the wood working industry as a consultant and project engineer. Since 2006 he has been building guitars full time.

Steve is a genuine guitar making enthusiast who was first attracted to the guitar by its sound and also its simple beauty. He looks on a guitar as something special because it is not only something which is beautiful to look at, but unlike a piece of art or furniture it also has the ability to produce music. Guitar makers of the past have used some of the most fantastic woods bringing a colour and vibrancy not seen in other traditional instruments. The guitar’s sound is also capable of being extremely aggressive, strong and powerful or passionate, light and tender. Steve aims to bring to his Classical / Flamenco , Jazz guitars at least some of the qualities of these traditional instrument makers, combining materials which both work together in terms of musicality and also aesthetically.

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