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Andrew McKee

I have been doing guitar repairs and Setups since early teens when money was tight for my family and guitar lessons took priority. My father is an electronics engineer so I always had a ready font of knowledge when my amp would breakdown and solder joints get dry and in need of a refresh.

When I first left school I worked for a local cabinet/furniture maker where I found an appreciation for wood and acquired skills in joining machining and finishing.

I have been looking after a couple of friends (professional musicians) instruments for a number of years now and it was their shall we say encouragement that finally made me decide to give this a go as a business so here I am.

If you need a quote or any other info get in touch I’m always happy to help.

Thanks for looking have a good day



  • Hi There!

    My name is Tamas,a hungarian guy.

    I would like to ask a price for a classical guitar building- i will supply a unique materials.
    If you feel interested,please feel free to contact me for more info(s) at this email-address,which is:

    Thank you very much for your help,have a nice day/evening! 🙂

  • Hello, i have a Chibson and one of the frets has began to pop out and my high e string is getting caught under it. Also, the last 2 frets have been filed down too much by a guitar tech and are now hard to keep a note held on them.
    Also have a major fret buzz on the G note on my low e string.

    Looking for a price for a set up and possible few fret replacements please?

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