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George Stevens

I am a maker in Kent, England of fine quality hand-crafted early musical instruments of the medieval, renaissance and baroque periods. I have been making lutes, harps and other plucked instruments since 1989. Making mainly to commission I have had the pleasure of creating work for a wide variety of professional and serious amateur musicians in many countries around the world. I look upon it as musical sculpture. I am also a writer, historian and published musician / composer.


  • Hello! I recently attended an Elam Rotem workshop as a “passive participant” in Maria Saal, Austria, and there heard a tenor vihuela de arco for the first time, one owned by Anna Danilevskaia of the Sollazzo Ensemble. I could send you a picture of it. Anyway, I’d like to know what it might cost to have you make me one with the strings: G c f a d1 and g1, including frets, plus a bow. I live in Vienna, Austria. I am a pianist and sing, took 3 years of violin lessons as a child, have forgotten everything but it still might help a tiny bit. I only plan to accompany singing. Many thanks.

  • Good afternoon. I am hoping to locate a Luthier able to assess and carry out some work on my, very beautiful, Timberline acoustic guitar, which is not sounding in tune once standard tuned across the strings. I did have a guy look at it who services guitar but he believes it needs the care of a proper Luthier. He has done me a short report that I can share if you are able to consider carrying out the work for me? Many thanks for your consideration. I am living in Hampshire, UK.

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