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True Notes Musical Instrument Service Centre

We offer custom instrument builds and mods, diagnostics and repairs for most acoustic and electric instruments, pro intonation set ups and fingerboard/fret work, including re fretting, pickup installation and replacement parts.

If you have any questions, please drop us a line and we will help guide you to the best solution, for you and your for your instrument.

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  • Good afternoon. I am hoping to locate a Luthier able to assess and carry out some work on my, very beautiful, Timberline acoustic guitar, which is not sounding in tune once standard tuned across the strings. I did have a guy look at it who services guitar but he believes it needs the care of a proper Luthier. He has done me a short report that I can share if you are able to consider carrying out the work for me? Many thanks for your consideration. I am living in Hampshire, UK.

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