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It is my absolute pleasure to build an instrument that fires the senses & emotions. From an idea comes something real & tangible – a feast for the ears & eyes! When i am commissioned, you are fully involved in the choice of woods that can be used, the design, fit & finish! – the build is about you & what you would like me to create for you. My aim is to produce an instrument of the highest standards that is a joy for you to play, & that will last a lifetime & beyond.

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  • Good afternoon. I am hoping to locate a Luthier able to assess and carry out some work on my, very beautiful, Timberline acoustic guitar, which is not sounding in tune once standard tuned across the strings. I did have a guy look at it who services guitar but he believes it needs the care of a proper Luthier. He has done me a short report that I can share if you are able to consider carrying out the work for me? Many thanks for your consideration. I am living in Hampshire, UK.

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