South West United Kingdom

Millman Guitars

James Millman is an English guitar maker and repairer based in Devon. who specializes in using traditional hand tools and methods.
As a musician and repairer James has spent 15 years working in music shops.
James now specialises in hand made instruments and expertly repairing instruments to a high standard.

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  • Hello..I have a classical guitar that needs fret wire and a saddle. It also requires tuning pegs as opposed to machine heads. Would it be possible for you to send me 50cm of fret wire and a small piece of bone or similar? I can pay for all the materials and shipping by card on line. The guitar is one that I made decades ago and is in a poor state but I would like to see if it is still playable. I would be most grateful for your help in these poor times. To add any interest and credibility, I am on line via Yahoo. Type in my name and it should come up under Painters On Line but this is obviously just a side issue. Thank you

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