Roy Courtnall Summerfield

French Polishing Course For Guitar Makers

Our course offers one-to-one tuition which enables you to learn the entire process quickly and professionally. You will learn how to create a range of surfaces, from matt, to satin, to a high gloss traditional ‘piano’ finish, so prized by guitar makers and players.
French Polish is traditionally the preferred finish for top quality Spanish classical and flamenco guitars, but polishing guitars with shellac in the traditional way, is an extremely demanding branch of French Polishing; – it is more time-consuming than polishing furniture, not only because of the unusual shape of the instrument, with various difficult areas to reach like around the bridge, fingerboard and neck, but also because there is an expectation that the surface finish will be as perfect as humanly possible. The final result must be without blemish, so immense care has to be taken to start with absolutely smooth surfaces, free of any defects. A new guitar should have perfectly smooth, regular, pristine wooden surfaces, and the slightest imperfection in the polish will stand out immediately.

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